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Lambeth Commission Documents
Anglican Communion Office Ecumenical Affairs and Studies Department provides many documents which the commission is considering.
Letter from Archbishop Robin Eames to the Primates
This letter was April 29, 2004
Address to the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada
Address by Gregory Cameron, secretary to the Lambeth Commission.

Notes from Bishop Mark Dyer's Address
On May 24 Bishop Mark Dyer, a member of the Lambeth Commission, gave an address on how to balance Provincial autonomy while preserving unity. 

Notes from this address follow:

Bishop Dyer reviewed the history of various crises that precipitated the definition of what it means to be "in communion."

In 1971, the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Kenya adopted a resolution stating that the approval of the Diocesan Synod or its equivalent to specific actions would be honored and supported by the ACC.

In 1978, the Lambeth Conference supported Provincial autonomy with Resolutions 23a&b.  That the members of the Communion would stay in communion and dialogue during times of disagreement and upheld the right of local provinces to determine ministry.

Lambeth 1988

Report of the Primates on the Ordination of women to the Episcopate resulted in Resolution 1 that stated:

1. Respect the decisions of other provinces

2. Courtesy and Communication among bishops is essential

3. Archbishop of Canterbury appoint a commission (Eames I)

4. Reconciliation/make provision for those offended so that unity may be preserved

Learning from our history:

1. Autonomy of member churches is preserved and honored

2. Communion among provinces is to be preserved

3. Challenging issues, whatever the timing, that our efforts continue towards unity.