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From Central Pennsylvania's Bishop Michael Creighton: A Statement on Windsor Report



[Episcopal News Service] 
Today the “Windsor Report” was made available to the 38 Provinces of the Anglican Communion.

Bishop Mark Dyer, professor of theology at Virginia Theological Seminary and retired Bishop of the Diocese of Bethlehem, was one of eighteen members on the Lambeth Commission charged to make recommendations about fostering unity within the global Anglican Communion because of different perspectives about homosexuality. Commenting on the report, Bishop Dyer stated, “There has been a great deal of misinformation in reports in the press. Those who take time to read the full Report will find it to be a comprehensive statement. It treats those on all sides of the issues who have helped to create this division fairly, and asks the provinces and dioceses to cease the actions that are furthering the divisiveness in the church today.”

Bishop Frank Griswold, the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, said, “The Report calls our Communion to reconciliation, which does not mean the reduction of differences to a single point of view. Common commitment to Jesus Christ and a sense of mission in his name to a broken and hurting world override varying opinions on any number of issues, including homosexuality.”

Bishop Robin Eames, Chair of the Lambeth Commission and Archbishop of Ireland, said, “This Report is not a judgment. It is part of a process. It is part of a pilgrimage toward healing and reconciliation.”

Bishop Michael Creighton, Bishop of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania, said, “We will reflect on the Lambeth Report faithfully and respectfully. I find it encouraging that the recommendations of the Report are unanimous, despite the variety of perspectives represented in the Commission's membership. The full Report is 100 pages, and it will take time to absorb it all. My hope is that no one will use it selectively, but that they will ponder the whole and begin to discern the work we need to do as community that is faithful to following the Way, Truth and Life of Jesus Christ.”

To explore how the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania can participate in this ministry of healing and reconciliation, all clergy will gather to discuss the Report on November 16. The Bishop encourages all congregations in the Diocese to provide a respectful atmosphere in which parishioners can discuss the Report.

The House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church will gather in January to grapple with the Report; the Primates, or Presiding Bishops, of the 38 Provinces of the global Anglican Communion will discuss it in February, and the Anglican Consultative Council, which has clergy and lay representation from throughout the Anglican Communion, will deal with the Report in June.

The Rt. Rev. Michael Creighton,
Bishop of Central Pennsylvania