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From Canada’s Primate Andrew S. Hutchison



[Episcopal News Service]  During the past week the Primates of the Anglican Communion have been meeting at the Dromantine Retreat Centre in Northern Ireland. Together we have prayed, studied and listened to one another and to the Holy Spirit as we went about our work. The task before us was to seek a way forward in spite of the differences that exist concerning the subject of homosexuality.

The Primates' communiqué is not a perfect document and no doubt there will be a variety of interpretations. It does, however, reflect the consensus that we were able to achieve. The Windsor Report challenged us to maximize the bonds of affection in seeking God's will for the Church. We have forged ahead, while realizing there is still much to do. Celebrating how we share Communion together is not a matter of what is written on paper, but rather of how we live out our faith in relation to all of our sisters and brothers. The Primates experienced a strong sense of reconciliation and fellowship through the leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the graciousness of our host Archbishop Robin Eames.

 I would ask the members of the Anglican Church of Canada to read the Primates' communiqué and to continue to pray for the Anglican Communion. I will be sharing more of my thoughts in an upcoming webcast as well as on the national church website - 

Andrew S. Hutchison,
Archbishop and Primate,
Anglican Church of Canada