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From Scottland's Primate Bruce Cameron


The Most Rev Bruce Cameron,  Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church  

[Episcopal News Service]  "The meeting of the Primates of the Anglican Communion has been one of the most difficult I have attended, yet at the end it did offer a process by which the Anglican Communion can not only tackle seriously the issues which have been the subject of controversy but also find some sense of unity.

"We did not solve all our differences on the issues of sexuality but did find a way which respected the integrities of both sides of the argument and set in motion a process that will allow us to keep talking together. Despite our differences we were able to affirm the place of homosexual people within the life of the Church and it is my hope that the Scottish Episcopal Church will continue to be open and inclusive to all those who want to follow Christ. I very much hope that the Scottish Episcopal Church will continue to be a listening and welcoming church to people who have differing opinions.

"I do not believe the Communion is now facing a serious split, as some are claiming. The Scottish Episcopal Church remains in communion with the churches of USA and Canada as well as our brothers and sisters in the churches in Africa.

"Archbishop Robert Eames said that 'while division is painful, the healing of division also involves pain'. These are words which all churches must remember.

"I shall be giving a full report of the meeting and my reflections to the College of Bishops when we meet next week and we will issue a further response in due course.
The full communiqué the Anglican Communion Primates? Meeting can be found on the Anglican Communion web-site

The Most Rev.  Bruce Cameron,
Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church