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April 2005 ENS Articles
Anglican leaders meet with Pope Benedict XVI
'Cover the Uninsured Week' set to open with interfaith initiatives
'Congress should reject this budget,' mainline leaders say
Evangelism grows with 'Groundwork' around Episcopal Church
Weekend on Wednesday
Web improvements embrace church's mission priorities
Religion, science, environment focus of Sewanee
From Passover to Papal Mass, weekend brings interfaith focus
Diocesan Digest
Indigenous Anglicans focus on gifts offered to Communion
Griswold asks bishops for clarification on letters
Weekend: Earth Day celebrations set
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany elected Pope: Presiding Bishop's statement
Fund provides needed security to retired deacons
Episcopalians join ecumenical partners seeking to celebrate creation
Ties celebrated, strengthened between Episcopal Church and Philippine Independent Church
Credit Unions serve Episcopal communities in Los Angeles, New York
Archbishop of Canterbury commends Executive Council letter
Diocesan Digest
'Christian community squeezes through bars'
From Executive Council: A letter to Bishop John Paterson
Week on Wednesday
'How does God Listen?': New book for young children explores God's presence
Obituary: Bishop Scott Field Bailey of West Texas dies at 88
Coverage of end-of-life issues to continue
Greek Orthodox Archbishop Iakovos dies at 93: Presiding Bishop's statement
A message from Bishop John Flack of the Anglican Centre in Rome
From Rome: Anglican leaders reflect on historic week, papal ministry, next steps
The Funeral Mass of John Paul II: A message from the Rev. Dr. Michael Vono of Rome
Bishop John Flack: Excerpts from a diary of life in Rome
Bishop John Flack: What I would look for in a new Pope
Bridge-building, in the spirit of Pope John Paul II
Traditions meld in funeral rites for Navajoland Bishop Steven Plummer
Statement by Bishop Pierre W. Whalon of the Convocation of American Churches in Europe
Presiding Bishop affirms President's recent stance on West Bank settlements; barrier concerns underscored
Episcopal Relief and Development names Robert Radtke as new president
Evangelism webcast set for Saturday, April 30
Video Streams: Anglican women bring messages from Philippines, Southern Africa
Christian unity workshop explores theme of belonging to Christ
Diocesan Digest
Weekend on Wednesday
Archbishop of Canterbury to attend Pope's funeral
Episcopal composer Hurd honored at Rejoicensemble's 20th anniversary
Earth Day focus set on 'Sacred Oceans and Seas'
Pope John Paul II dies at 84: Statement from Bishop Dean E. Wolfe of Kansas
Archbishop of Canterbury - Pope's last days a 'lived sermon'
World's political leaders pay tribute to peace-loving John Paul II
Leaders of Christian denominations praise Pope; rue missed chances
Pope John Paul II dies at 84: Statement from Bishop William Persell of Chicago
Pope John Paul II: A Statement from NCC General Secretary Bob Edgar
Navajoland Bishop Steven Plummer dies at 60
Pope John Paul II dies at 84: Statement from the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion
Pope John Paul II dies at 84: Statement from Bishop Wendell Gibbs of Michigan
Pope John Paul II dies at 84: A comment by Bishop Mark Sisk of New York
John Paul II and the papacy of paradox
Pope John Paul II dies at 84: A message from the Presiding Bishop
Pope John Paul II dies at 84: Statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury
Pope John Paul II dies at 84: Statement from Bishop Leo Frade of Southeast Florida
Call for Comment: End-of-life-issues