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General Seminary Assists Dioceses Hard Hit By Katrina

[The General Theological Seminary]  The General Theological Seminary (GTS) will award a three-year full scholarship (tuition and fees) for seminarians to attend GTS from the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast, the Diocese of Louisiana, and the Diocese of Mississippi, beginning with the academic year 2006-2007. The three scholarships are a response to the serious financial burden placed on these Episcopal dioceses by hurricane Katrina. The total amount of each diocese's scholarship may be awarded to one seminarian or it may be divided among several students, including students already enrolled at GTS. In each case, the allocation of the scholarship is under the direction of the diocesan bishop.

The Seminary's hope is to help relieve affected dioceses and congregations of the expense of supporting seminarians, with the hope that the money previously budgeted can then be used for the rebuilding that is so urgently needed as a result of the hurricane's devastation. Currently tuition and fees are $11,850; therefore, over the three-year period of the scholarship, the amount to each diocese will be over $35,000, making the Seminary's total appropriation over $100,000. "The GTS community has been deeply moved by the tragedy that has struck the Gulf Coast and New Orleans," said the Seminary's Dean and President, Ward B. Ewing. "We have offered daily prayers in our chapel. We have taken up offerings amounting to several thousand dollars and forwarded them to the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund. But the need is so vast. The Seminary is not in a position to make a contribution in cash, beyond the generous offerings already made by individual members of our community. These scholarships are a way GTS corporately can help dioceses of the Episcopal Church in a much more substantial way."

Bishops of the three dioceses have been apprised of the special scholarships. Students now attending or planning to attend GTS from these dioceses should contact their bishops for further information.

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