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Episcopal Divinity School offers Ten Steps to Reconciliation

[Episcopal Divinity School]  In response to the growing concerns over issues that threaten to divide the church, Episcopal Divinity School is calling attention to Good News: A Congregational Resource for Reconciliation, written by The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston. In this resource, Bishop Charleston and EDS present congregations with vital strategies for reconnection and reconciliation.

Many may ask, "If we chose to take the risk of reconciliation, what practical steps can we take?" The whole gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer, but The Rt. Rev. Charleston has outlined ten steps to reconciliation that emerge from the gospel. This three-part reflection resource is grounded in the belief that justice can be served without one side having to be "right," that compassion can be practiced with a forgiveness that overcomes fear, and that reconciliation can occur without the need for resolution. The curriculum draws on examples from the life of Jesus of Nazareth to bring hope for justice, compassion, and reconciliation to groups whose members have differing opinions on the most controversial of topics.

"We need to learn to live together better than we do right now. Good News gives us a resource to do just that," says The Rt. Rev. James J. Shand, Diocese of Easton. "The three-step process of justice, compassion, and reconciliation is being implemented into our diocesan staff gatherings and within some local congregations."

Bishop Charleston wrote this resource to help parishes find a way to come together despite deep differences. Good News walks participants through the viewpoints of justice, compassion, and reconciliation, shifting the focus away from the usual repetitive cycle of arguments on fixed positions and placing it on the call to discipleship every Christian hears when Jesus says “come, follow me.” Good News is designed to help communities discover they can find reconciliation without resolving all of their disagreements. Parishes can embrace the peace of Christ and experience compassion rather than conflict.

To order Good News, please contact Craig Maynard in the Communications Office at Please include your name, number of booklets requested, and shipping information; copies are $5.00 each. Good News is also available through the Episcopal Media Center at and Trinity Wall Street at For more information on Good News: A Congregational Resource for Reconciliation, please visit our website at