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Anglican Communion New Service Photo
Children in Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean pose after being confirmed.   (Anglican Communion New Service Photo)

[Episcopal News Service]   
  • ANGLICAN COMMUNION: 'Towards an Anglican Covenant' is commended
  • INDIAN OCEAN: Bishop confirms 150 in Diana Region
  • KENYA: ERD provides emergency assistance to people affected by floods
  • MALAWI: ERD provides emergency assistance to people affected by floods
  • SCOTLAND: New Primus for the Scottish Episcopal Church
  • SOUTH AFRICA: Archbishop Ndungane announces retirement after Lambeth 2008

ANGLICAN COMMUNION: 'Towards an Anglican Covenant' is commended

[Source: Anglican Communion News Service] The Joint Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council and the Primates' Meeting considered at its March meeting how the proposal in §117-120 of the Windsor Report for an Anglican Covenant could be carried forward.

The committee commended the paper "Towards an Anglican Covenant," which had been presented as basis for discussion and reflection in the Communion, and requested that the Secretary General, in consultation with the Archbishop of Canterbury, should move to the appointment of a Task Group to work on the proposal.

"Towards an Anglican Covenant" is now available at Provinces, Anglican Communion commissions and networks, theological institutions and all who are interested are invited to respond to the questions set out in the paper in preparation for the work of the Task Group.

Responses to the paper should be submitted in electronic format (preferably in Microsoft Word) to:

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INDIAN OCEAN: Bishop confirms 150 in Diana Region

[Source: Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] During the three weeks following Easter the three Parishes of Ambanja, Sirama and Ambilobe in the Diana Region celebrated confirmation services with 150 newly confirmed children and adults partaking at the Lord's table.

The Parish of Ambilobe, where the late Bishop Keith Benzies planted a fertile mission, also added seven new evangelist-pastors -- five men and two women -- to its ministry team. The newly renovated and extended St. Michael's Church in Ambilobe hosted 800 people during the Easter celebrations.

The Venerable Alphege Rakotovao, the parish priest, was overjoyed with the double capacity of the new church, which now allows people to worship inside instead of outside the church. The American missionary, the Rev. David Hamilton, who is attached to the Parish, is giving much effort to evangelization in this Antakarana region.

The children's ministry has also grown with the empowerment of women, giving more attention to educating children in the church.

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KENYA: ERD provides emergency assistance to people affected by floods

[Source: Episcopal Relief and Development] Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is working with an ecumenical partner to provide immediate assistance to people in the Nyanza Region of Kenya. Torrential rains have caused several rivers to overflow causing massive flooding in the districts of Kisumu, Nyando, Rachunyo, Migori and Homabay. More than 15,000 people are suffering in the aftermath of the disaster. Homes, health facilities, roads and bridges have completely been destroyed.

The spread of disease such as typhoid and malaria has become rampant because of the excess water. ERD is partnering with Inter Diocesan Christian Community Services (IDCCS) to provide emergency supplies to those most vulnerable including children under five, pregnant women and mothers with young children, the elderly, and farmers with damaged crops.

Together with IDCCS, ERD is distributing relief supplies and medicines to the most affected regions. Hybrid maize packets and sorghum seeds will be distributed to farmers for harvesting crops. Community leaders will receive materials for rebuilding damaged infrastructure such as dams, homes, schools and medical facilities.

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MALAWI: ERD provides emergency assistance to people affected by floods

[Source: Episcopal Relief and Development] Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is supplying emergency assistance to the northern region of Malawi where thousands are left homeless due to torrential rains. Floods washed away everything in their possession -- homes, livestock, crops -- leaving people in desperate need for basic essentials such as food, water, clothing and blankets.

According to Bishop Christopher Boyle of Northern Malawi the people displaced in the Chintheche regions are presently being sheltered in the Church of St. Joseph. An estimated 190 families in Karonga are left without homes and a total of 11 villages have been completely destroyed. In villages such as Malenga Mzoma, an estimated 4,896 people have been displaced.

"These people have lost everything," said Boyle. "...It might be six months before people are back to some degree of normality."

Because crops serve as the only source of food, it will take time to replenish what was lost in the flood. The country is just recovering from a severe drought in which ERD supplied the affected regions with maize and planting seeds.

Episcopal Relief and Development is partnering with the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi to provide bags of maize, blankets, cooking utensils and basic supplies to the most affected region. The assistance will provide relief for people in Malawi and help bring a new harvest to the villages most in need.

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SCOTLAND: New Primus for the Scottish Episcopal Church

[Source: Scottish Episcopal Church] The Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church elected Bishop Idris Jones of Glasgow and Galloway on May 18 to serve as Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Jones, who will succeed Bishop Bruce Cameron, spoke of the serious task facing the Church in its mission. "The Episcopal Church is well poised in many areas to make a significant contribution to developing the life of our Nation," he said. "I call upon every congregation and every diocese to join with the College of Bishops in making sure that our Church puts forward the Kingdom of God in serving the communities of which we are a part."

The election took place at a re-convened meeting of the Episcopal Synod (College of Bishops) in Dunblane, which was chaired by Cameron. Following discussion and a time of prayer, the number of candidates was reduced to one by drawing lots, and Jones was elected with the full support of his fellow bishops.

The role of Primus, which is taken from the Latin 'primus inter pares' -- meaning 'first among equals' -- is to preside over the College of Bishops and represent them and the wider Church at home and throughout the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Jones was consecrated as Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway in 1998 and has acted as Senior Bishop since 2005.

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SOUTH AFRICA: Archbishop Ndungane announces retirement after Lambeth 2008

[Source: Anglican Church in Southern Africa] Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, primate of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa for ten years, has issued a statement announcing his intention to retire following the decennial Lambeth Conference in 2008.

Although Ndungane could canonically continue to serve as primate until the age of 70, he has decided that the time has come for him to step down, confirming that all his predecessors have taken on the role for a maximum of ten years.

Ndungane described the position as "extremely demanding ... with many wide-ranging responsibilities."

The election of a successor will take place during the course of 2007.

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