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Legislative Summary from the 75th General Convention

[Episcopal News Service]  This is an unofficial, unaudited, abbreviated summary of concurred actions of the 75th General Convention, meeting in Columbus, Ohio, June 13-21. It includes most of those resolutions posted by the General Convention Office at At that location, you can read the full texts of the resolutions summarized below and search resolutions by source, number, topic title, proposer, committee or house of initial action.

Anglican Communion

Encouraged dioceses to urge their congregations and institutions to pray for our sisters and brothers in the Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East; visit the Christian congregations in the Holy Land; receive visitors from the Holy Land; work for justice, peace, and reconciliation in the Holy Land with renewed commitment; and urge elected officials and policy makers to seek solutions that will realize these goals (A015).

Affirmed that no resolution of the General Convention is intended to affect either the historic separate and independent status of the churches of the Anglican Communion or the legal identity of The Episcopal Church (B032).

Anglican Communion/Windsor Report

Reaffirmed the commitment of the Episcopal Church to the fellowship of churches that constitute the Anglican Communion and desire to live into the highest degree of communion possible; and asked, as an expression of interdependence, the Presiding offices of both Houses to work with the Anglican Communion to explore ways by which there might be inter-Anglican consultation and participation on standing commissions of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church (A159).

Expressed its regret for straining the bonds of affection in the events surrounding the General Convention of 2003 and the consequences which followed; offered "its sincerest apology to those within Anglican Communion who are offended by our failure to accord sufficient importance to the impact of our actions on our church and other parts of the Communion;" and asked forgiveness (A160).

Affirmed the centrality of effective and appropriate pastoral care for all members of this church and all who come seeking the aid of this church; recognized "the agonizing position of those who do not feel able to receive appropriate pastoral care from their own bishops;" urged bishops to seek the highest degree of communion and reconciliation within their own dioceses, using, when requested in good faith, the Delegated Episcopal Pastoral Oversight (DEPO); urged continued maintenance of historic diocesan boundaries, the authority of the diocesan bishop, and respect for the historical relationships of the separate and autonomous Provinces of the Anglican Communion (A163).

Committed the church to the ongoing Windsor Process, "a process of discernment as to the nature and unity of the Church, as we pursue a common life of dialogue, listening, and growth, formed and informed by the bonds of communion we share," and to the Windsor Listening Process (A165).
Supported, as a demonstration of commitment to mutual responsibility and interdependence in the Anglican Communion, the process of the development of an Anglican Covenant and directed certain bodies to monitor the process and offer resources (A166).

Called upon standing committees and bishops with jurisdiction to exercise restraint by not consenting to the consecration of any candidate to the episcopate whose manner of life presents a challenge to the wider church and will lead to further strains on communion (B033).


Applauded the training provided by the Anti-Racism Committee and Church Center staff (A092).


Authorized the Archives to proceed with exploration of plans to possibly relocate on or before January 1, 2010; to campaign for the necessary funds and, if successful, establish an endowment for maintenance of the Archives; and if deemed appropriate, to access funding through a new 501-c-(3) tailored to ensure no diversions of assets or properties to any body other than the Episcopal Church. The Board of the Archives and the Archives Strategy Committee will be working with the Executive Council (A143).

Endorsed the Archives' website and the digital archives as an official site and electronic archive of the church; charged the Archives with responsibility to create an authentic, accurate, and trustworthy record; and requested budgetary funding (A145).


Adopted Pastoral Leadership Search Effort (PLSE) as an ongoing initiative and requested the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget & Finance (PB&F) to consider a budget allocation of $385,906 (A089).

Amended Joint Rules of Order IV.15 to provide that resolutions calling for expenditure of any monies will be unfunded if coming to the floor after the adoption of the triennial budget (D015).

Endorsed statement of mission priorities (in rank order: justice and peace, including support of the Millennium Development Goals; youth, young adults and children; reconciliation and evangelism; congregational transformation and partnerships) for the 2007-09 triennium and directed the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget & Finance to use these priorities in forming the Budget for the Episcopal Church (D031).

Adopted a unified budget including canonical, corporate, and program (mission) portions for the 2007-2009 triennium of $152,002,295 (D079).


Urge Episcopalians and the Episcopal Church to work to ensure that governments provide adequate funding for programs that combat social and economic conditions which place children at risk or diminish children's ability to achieve their full potential in the world, and endorsed the National Council of Churches (NCC) comprehensive policy statement, entitled "The Church and Children: Vision and Goals for the 21st Century Policy" (B018).

Civil/Human Rights of LGBT people

Reaffirmed the Episcopal Church's support of gay and lesbian persons as children of God and entitled to full civil rights; reaffirmed 71st General Convention's action calling upon all levels of government to give gay and lesbian couples the same protections afforded non-gay married couples; and opposed any state or federal constitutional amendment that prohibits same-sex civil marriage or civil unions (A095).

Reaffirmed that gay and lesbian persons are, by Baptism, full members of the Body of Christ and of the Episcopal Church;  reiterated its apology to its members who are gay or lesbian, and to lesbians and gay men outside the Church, "for years of rejection and maltreatment by the Church;" pledged to include openly gay and lesbian persons on every committee, commission or task force developed for the specific purpose of discussing issues about sexuality and request the same of our sister churches in the Anglican Communion (A167).
Declared efforts to criminalize homosexual behavior incompatible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ (D005).

Clergy/Clergy Wellness

Approved a study of the optimum mandatory resignation age for clergy in collaboration with Church Pension Group, including details on the implications for pension benefits (A083).

Affirmed the efforts of the Church Pension Group to establish appropriate formulae for pensions which meet the existing and future needs of clergy in the overseas dioceses where compensation for service has been limited by standards and costs of living (A121).

Affirmed the work of the Church Pension Group in considering ways to respond to the particular needs of ordained women as they approach retirement (A140).
Recognized need for an ongoing program devoted to the wellness of families of clergy and clergy; commended FOCUS for the creation of a resource guide and asked for funds for the Office of Ministry Development to provide oversight and coordination with FOCUS and similar programs (B001).

Expressed appreciation to the Church Pension Fund for the creation of a network of diocesan chaplains to the retired clergy, spouses and surviving spouses; and encouraged every diocese to appoint such chaplains (B003).

Commended CREDO Institute for "Episcopal Clergy Wellness: A Report to The Church on the State of Clergy Wellness," and affirmed its recommendations (D033).

Requested that Church Pension Fund investigate formula for awarding credited years of service for the pension fund participants receiving part-time compensation (D048).

Requested that Church Pension Fund study the feasibility of a family leave pension waiver policy and report to 76th General Convention (D065).

Asked Church Pension Fund to study retirement benefits of clergy ordained in another Anglican jurisdiction who have since joined the pension fund and report to the 76th General Convention (D075).

Commendation / Courtesy

Offered continued prayers, thanks, support and advocacy for the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; expressed deep appreciation and thanks, and urged continuing support for Gulf Coast churches and dioceses as they rebuild and minister to the congregations and individuals of their diocese (A066).

Congratulated the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem and commended it for its continued work and witness (B005).

Expressed gratitude for new House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson and Vice President Brian Prior, and their commitment to the Church and the reconciling mission of God's work in the world as they lead the preparation for General Convention 2009 (D097).


Directed the Church Center and other church bodies to adopt industry appropriate "best-practices" when adopting new technology and in making communication decisions; and directed a task force be named  as volunteer consultants as needed to help the entities of the church implement this guideline. These persons shall be appointed by the Presiding Bishop and the President of the House of Deputies, in consultation with the Chief Operating Officer of DFMS (A048).

Urged the church to move toward adopting recognized open standards for data used in its electronic communications and data storage. (A049).

Directed the Committees, Commissions, Agencies and Boards (CCABs) of the General Convention to begin a process to accomplish an appropriate portion of their work more efficiently and economically by using online tools, conference calls and video conferences (A051)
Endorsed a position of provincial communication specialist for each of the nine provinces to assist in the implementation of the communication strategy of the church, and work directly with congregations and dioceses in the province to build connections for regional communication; requested PB&F consider a budget allocation of up to $9,000 for each year for a total of $27,000 for implementation (A052).

Directed the Standing Commission on Episcopal Church Communication to organize an information technology cooperative network for dioceses and congregations of the Episcopal Church (D082).

Instructed House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church to work with the director of research for the Episcopal Church to conduct a survey of congregations of the Episcopal Church during each triennium; and requested that PB&F consider a budget allocation of $48,500 for implementation (A006)

Consecration of Bishops

Consented to the ordination and consecration of :

  • the Rev. William Howard Love as Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Albany (D027).
  • the Rev. David M. Reed as Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of West Texas (D035).
  • the Rev. Steven T. Ousley as Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of East Michigan (D036).
  • the Right Rev. Marc H. Andrus as Bishop Diocesan of the Diocese of California (D037).
  • the Rev. Canon Barry L. Beisner as Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Northern California (D038).
  • the Venerable Dena Harrison as Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Texas (D039).

Constitution / Canons

Amended Article I, Section 2, of the Constitution to give all bishops seat and voice in the House of Bishops and to give a vote to all bishops with jurisdiction, Bishop Coadjutor, Bishop Suffragan, Assistant Bishop, and every bishop holding an office created by General Convention (A020, second reading).

Amended Article VIII of the Constitution to so that a bishop may permit ordained ministers of certain denominations to officiate on a temporary basis as an ordained minister of this church (A021, first reading).

Amended the last sentence of Canon I.9.1 to read as follows: "The Ninth Province shall consist of the Dioceses of this Church in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Puerto Rico and Venezuela." (A024).

Amended Title I by adding a new Canon 20, "Of Churches in Full Communion" (A025) and Title III.12.1(d) to conform (A026).

Amended Canon IV.3.21(c) be amended to include the phrase "for an Offense of Doctrine" at the end of clause c. (Canon pertains to the process of filing charges of presentment against a bishop) (A031).

Amended Canon IV.5, Sections 1 through 9 (Canon pertains to the process of filing charges of presentment against a bishop) (A032).

Directed Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons to study the definition and use in the Constitution and Canons, and elsewhere in the Church, of the term "canonical residence," and make recommendations to the 76th General Convention whether the term should be discontinued or modified, or whether some alternative should be instituted (A034).

Amended Canons III.5 through III.23 (A082).

Amended Canon I.11.2 concerning episcopal vacancies in Area Missions (A084).

Referred work on Title IV revisions to interim body for report to 76th General Convention (A153).

Amended Canon I.15: Of Congregations in foreign lands (B020, C047).

Amended Canon 1.2.2 to conform to Title III canons on resignation age of the Presiding Bishop to be 72 if that occurs before a term of nine years has been completed (D010).

Amended Article 1, Section 3, of the Constitution so that the Presiding Bishop would be elected during a joint session of the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies by concurrent vote of bishops, clerical and lay deputies (first passage, constitutional changes require approval of two consecutive Conventions) (D013).

Amended Canon III.1 by restoring language stating admission to three orders of ordained ministry is open to both men and women (D045).

Welcomed and rejoiced in the substantial progress of The United Methodist-Episcopal Dialogue and authorized interim Eucharistic sharing as a step towards possible full communion (A055).


Elected the Rev. Dr. Gregory Straub as Secretary of the House of Deputies (E003) and Secretary of General Convention (E005).
Elected N. Kurt Barnes as Treasurer of General Convention (E006).

Elected Bonnie Anderson as President of the House of Deputies (E007).
Elected bishops David A. Alvarez of Puerto Rico and J. Jon Bruno of Los Angeles as members of Executive Council (E008).

Elected bishops George E. Councell of New Jersey and Michael Bruce Curry of North Carolina as trustees of the General Theological Seminary (E009).

Elected to the General Board of Examining Chaplains, Bishop William O. Gregg, Oregon (six-year term); Sandra D. Michael, Rebecca D. Snow, Peter W. Williams (six-year term): the Rev. Dr. Katharine C. Black; the Rev. Dr. Mark R. Kowalewski, the Rev. Juan A. Quevedo-Bosch (priest, six-year terms); the Rev. Canon Stephen Holmgren, the Rev. Dr. Vesta Kowalski, the Rev. Dr. Richard D. McCall (faculty, six-year term) (E010).

Elected to six-year terms as trustees of the Church Pension Fund: the Rev. A. Thomas Blackmon, the Rev. Randall Chase Jr., Ms. Barbara B. Creed, Mr. Vincent C. Currie Jr., Ms. Deborah Harmon-Hines, Ph.D., the Rt. Rev. Peter J. Lee, the Rt. Rev. Claude E. Payne, D.D., Ms. Diane B. Pollard, Mr. Quintin E. Primo III, Ms. Katherine Tyler Scott, the Very Rev. George L.W. Werner, Mr. Cecil Wray (E011).

Confirmed the Rev. Dr. Robert Wright to the office of Historiographer (E012).

Confirmed the Rt. Rev. Dr. Joe G. Burnett, Nebraska, to the Board of Archives (E013).

Confirmed bishops Bruce Caldwell, Wyoming, and Michael Gene Smith, North Dakota to the Board for Church Deployment (E014).

Elected the Rev. Brian N. Prior as Vice President of the House of Deputies (E015).

Approved the appointment of the Rev. Carolyn Kuhr of Montana, the Very Rev. Scott Kirby of Eau Claire, J.P. Causey Jr. of Virginia and Deborah J. Stokes of Southern Ohio to the Title IV Review Committee (E016).

Elected Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori as the 26th Presiding Bishop (E017).

Elected to the Court for the Trial of a Bishop until 2015 bishops George Wayne Smith of Missouri, Gordon Paul Scruton of Western Massachusetts and Catherine M. Waynick of Indianapolis; elected to the Court of Review for the Trial of a Bishop until 2015 bishops Michael Bruce Curry of North Carolina, Don E. Johnson of West Tennessee and Wayne P. Wright of Delaware (E018)

Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold appointed Suffragan Bishop Bavi E. Rivera of Olympia, Suffragan Bishop David C. Jones and Bishop C. Wallis Ohl Jr. of Northwest Texas, and the House of Bishops confirmed, to the Title IV Review Committee (E019).

Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold appointed Bishop Mark L. MacDonald of Alaska as the Assisting Bishop of The Navajoland Area Mission effective July 1, 2006, upon the resignation of The Rt. Rev. Rustin R. Kimsey (E021).

Elected Bishop Richard S.O. Chang, Hawaii, vice president of House of Bishops;
Bishop Kenneth L Price Jr., Ohio, secretary; the Rev. Canon Carlson Gerdau, registrar (E025).

Appointed, by House of Bishops' Committee on Canons, bishops Catherine M. Waynick of Indianapolis and Robert D. Rowley Jr. of Northwestern Pennsylvania to certify any changes made to the Canons (E027).

Elected by a majority of the House of Bishops to the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of a Presiding Bishop: Bishop Geralyn Wolf, Rhode Island (Province 1); Suffragan Bishop Catherine S. Roskam, New York (Province II); Bishop Wayne P. Wright, Deleware (Province III); Bishop Edwin F. Gulick Jr., Kentucky (Province IV); Bishop Edward S. Little II, Northern Indiana (Province V); Bishop Michael Gene Smith, North Dakota (Province VI); Bishop Gary R. Lillibridge, West Texas (Province VII); Suffragan Bishop Bavi Edna Rivera, Olympia (Province VIII) and Bishop Julio Cesar Holguin, Iglesia Episcopal Dominicana (Province XI) (E028).

Appointed Bishop Chilton R. Knudsen, Maine, to the Court of Review for the Trial of a Bishop to fulfill term of Katharine Jefferts Schori which ends in 2012 (E030).
Employment Practices

Continued the Task Force to Study Employment Policies and Practices in the Episcopal Church during the coming triennium with the intention of offering a resolution to the 2009 General Convention which will strive to make the Episcopal Church a fair and just workplace (A125).

Endorsed the Church Pension Group's proposal to conduct a church-wide study of the costs and issues surrounding the provision of healthcare benefits to all clergy and lay employees serving churches, dioceses and other church institutions and to report their findings to the 76th General Convention (study to include an analysis of the potential for a mandated denominational healthcare benefits program and other viable alternatives) (A147).


Affirmed that Global Warming threatens the future of God's good creation, that the effects disproportionately hurt the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable, andresolved that the church and all its members should seek to reduce global warming including advocating for legislation and through various efforts addressed to corporations (B002).

Recognized that the use of fossil fuels harms air quality and public health and is contributing to changes in the global climate; affirmed that the Christian response to global warming is a deeply moral and spiritual issue; reaffirmed previous Convention resolutions and urged the church to consider prayerfully whether to partner with Interfaith Power and Light (C018).

Evangelism and 20/20

Reaffirmed commitments to improve the health of congregations and the church by faithfully living out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and working toward the goals of 20/20 (A037).
Established a Church Planting Initiative to raise money for new congregations in the dioceses of this Church (A042).

Directed development of a strategy for a model missionary initiative, including both evangelism and service, for the Lake Pontchatrain Basin Area (New Orleans, North and East Shore), to support overall church evangelism and the 20/20 goals, while providing a model and a test-bed for organization in areas of natural disaster or economic impoverishment (B011).

Acknowledged the report of the Joint Commission on Domestic Mission and Evangelism which states the Episcopal Church "may be in systemic decline" (Blue Book, Page 103), asked for the Office of Mission and the Standing Commission on Domestic Mission and Evangelism to initiate a national consultation on methods and strategies to identify best practices to reverse the decline in mainline denominations and recommend strategies to the 76th General Convention (B023).


Affirmed that God is Creator; stated "an acceptance of evolution  is entirely compatible with an authentic and living Christian faith;" and called for church members to strongly encourage legislatures and school boards to "establish standards for science education based on the best available scientific knowledge as accepted by a consensus of the scientific community" (A129).

General Convention

Agreed to consider Charlotte, North Carolina; New Orleans, Louisiana; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Kansas City, Missouri for the 77th General Convention (A001).

Directed the Office of the General Convention to convey electronically to all bishops, deputies, and alternates all filed resolutions on a weekly basis beginning 60 days before the opening day of General Convention (A154).
Directed the Joint Standing Committee on Planning and Arrangement to make age-appropriate care and educational programs for children birth to age twelve available during all future General Conventions; and encouraged similar provisions for all diocesan and provincial synod meetings (D059).

Historically Black Colleges

Commended the leadership of the three historically black colleges of the Episcopal Church (St. Augustine's, St. Paul's, and Voorhees) and requested PB&F to restore $300,000 to the current budget to bring the funding to its original 2003 approved level, in the amount of $3,807,000 (C045).


Authorized the continuation of the Executive Council Standing Committee on HIV/AIDS for the next triennium (A131).

Urged church members to work to eliminate the stigma of HIV/AIDS (A132).

Authorized the Communication Office to collaborate with the National Episcopal AIDS Coalition (NEAC) in producing a working group of interested parties to design, fund and implement a campaign to raise awareness about the continuing HIV pandemic (A133).

Requested that the Office of Peace and Justice Ministries, working in collaboration with the National Episcopal AIDS Coalition (NEAC) and the Executive Council Committee on HIV/AIDS, develop a HIV training curriculum by the 76th General Convention, to  be updated each triennium (A134).


Received "The Alien Among You," in the Blue Book report of the Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns; addressed other issues concerning the plight of refugees, immigrants, and migrants (A017).

Justice/Peace Issues

Supported the Episcopal Network for Economic Justice in its facilitation of the training of congregations in economic justice and requested a budget allocation of $7,000 annually for training in economic justice (C012).

Urged all levels of the church to adopt and support for the next triennium the nonviolence training for personal and social change, to advance the mission priorities of congregational transformation and justice and peace (D018).


Reaffirmed the right of workers in the United States to organize and form unions, especially seasonal and migrant workers, and commended the work of Interfaith Worker Justice (C008).

Supported the right of workers to form a union, supported passage of living wage legislation, committed the church at all levels to contract solely with union hotels or to obtain confirmation that local prevailing "living wages" are paid by all hotels the church uses (D047).

"Lesser Feast & Fasts"/Church Calendar

Approved principles of revision to be substituted for the guidelines approved by the 1994 General Convention (2003 edition of "Lesser Feasts and Fasts," p. 477-479) (A057).

Affirmed the work in anticipation of the revisions of "Lesser Feasts and Fasts," with accompanying materials, for consideration by Convention 2009 (A058).

Entered Florence Li Tim-Oi, Janani Luwum, Philander Chase, William Temple and Clive Staples Lewis in the Calendar of the Church Year (BCP, p. 15-30) and in future revisions of "Lesser Feasts and Fasts" (A059).

Referred to the appropriate subcommittee for further research, consultation, and recommendation, the consideration of the commemoration of the Rev. Dr. John Roberts (A060).
Referred date change for Harriet Tubman Commemoration to the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music during the preparation of the new revision of "Lesser Feasts and Fasts" (A061).

Authorized, for inclusion in "Lesser Feasts and Fasts," a Common for Space Exploration, as the Commission's response to Resolution 2003-D049 adopted by the 74th General Convention (A062).

 Authorized changing the name for the commemoration of the "Martyrs of Lyons" to "Blandina and Her Companions, The Martyrs of Lyons," as found in "Lesser Feasts and Fasts" (A065).

Directed the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to consider the commemoration of the Dorchester Chaplains as an addition to the Calendar of the Church Year (B008).

Added the commemoration of the Martyrs of Sudan as an addition to the Calendar of the Church Year on May 16 (C003 – referred SCLM).

Added Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall to the Calendar of the Church Year on May 17 (C016 – referred SCLM ).

Directed SCLM to consider adding Queen Bertha and her husband King Ethelbert (baptized by St. Augustine in 597; died 616), early Christian witnesses in England who shared with St. Augustine of Canterbury the reestablishment of Christianity in England and who practiced religious tolerance, to the Calendar of the Church Year (C021).

Added Joan of Arc to the Calendar of the Church Year on May 30 (C034 – referred SCLM).

Added the Confession of Martha to the Calendar of the Church Year on April 13 (C035 – referred SCLM).

Added Genocide Remembrance Day to the Calendar of the Church Year on April 24 (C043 – referred SCLM).

Directed the SCLM to consider whether to revise the instructions "Concerning the Proper for the Lesser Feasts" in "Lesser Feasts and Fasts" ("Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2003," page 85) to make it permissible to substitute the lessons and psalms from the Daily Office Lectionary or from the Daily Eucharistic Lectionary for those provided for in "Lesser Feast and Fasts" (D006).


Provided for continuation of resolution 2003-A092 and for it to be expanded to include both theological rationale for multi-sensory worship and training opportunities for those in the church who wish to introduce elements of multi-sensory worship in their liturgy (A066).

Directed the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (SCLM) to continue development of liturgical materials for inclusion in the "Enriching Our Worship" series (A069).
Directed the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to develop liturgical materials for inclusion in the "Enriching Our Worship" series for pastoral issues in the context of the adoption of children (A070).

Directed the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to create additional resources in the areas of Burial of the Dead and Reconciliation of a Penitent for inclusion in the "Enriching our Worship" series (A071).
Directed the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to gather a collection of music to broaden the cultural breadth of the music of the church; to make native-language materials available to non-English speaking worshiping communities; and directed the Standing Commission to appoint a committee to oversee the collection of this music (A072).
Directed the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to continue the work begun in the Praise and World Music Hymnal Supplement project (A073).

Authorized continuing use of "Enriching our Worship Volume 1: The Daily Office, Great Litany, and Eucharist," and "Enriching Our Worship Volume 2: Ministry with the Sick and Dying, and Burial of a Child," during the next triennium, under the direction of the diocesan bishop or ecclesiastical authority (A074).

Authorized the rite for "The Renewal of Ministry with the Welcome of a New Rector," to be included in the "Enriching our Worship" series, and changed proposed liturgies from pages 185-187 of the "Blue Book" (A075). 

Authorized use of Proposed Burial Rites for Adults, to be added to the "Enriching our Worship" series, for the next triennium, under the direction of the diocesan bishop or ecclesiastical authority, and changed second prayer, middle of the page from the "Blue Book" report, page 204 (A076).
Directed that the Revised Common Lectionary shall be the Lectionary of this Church, amending the Lectionary on pp. 889-921 of The Book of Common Prayer, effective the First Sunday of Advent, 2007; with the provision for continued use of the previous Lectionary for purposes of orderly transition, with the permission of the ecclesiastical authority, until the First Sunday of Advent 2010 (A077).

Invited bishops and the wider church into dialogue about the relations between local liturgical initiatives and ordered authority; asked the SCLM to develop frameworks for resolving the theological, pastoral, canonical and liturgical issues involved in the creation of new rites, and provide facilitated conversations at the meetings of Provincial Synods about the issue; directed that the SCLM in consultation with the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons examine canons and rubrics which govern the development and use of liturgical materials; and requested that the SCLM report its findings with recommendations to the 76th General Convention (A078).

Endorsed the Leadership Program for Musicians Serving Small Congregations (LPM), and requested PB&F consider a budget allocation of $75,000 for the implementation of this resolution (A079).

Directed the SCLM to develop liturgies which recognize and celebrate ministry in daily life for inclusion in the next edition of the "Book of Occasional Services" (A088).

Encouraged use of liturgical resources in the "Enriching Our Worship" series as appropriate for Sunday worship (A136).
Directed the SCLM to collect and develop materials to assist members of the Church to address anti-Jewish prejudice expressed in and stirred by portions of Christian scriptures and liturgical texts, with suggestions for preaching, congregational education, and lectionary use; and to report to the 76th General Convention (C001).

Recognized the provision of the Constitution and Canons (I.17.7), that only those who have been baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit are eligible to receive Holy Communion; asked that the Theology Committee of the House of Bishops work with others to provide to the 76th General Convention a pastoral and theological understanding of the relationship between Holy Baptism and Eucharistic practice (D084).

Millennium Development Goals/Economic Development

Received and affirmed "Call to Partnership," the communiqué presented to the United Nations Summit by participants in the Consultation of Religious Leaders on Global Poverty, the work of achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the work of the church's officers, dioceses, congregations, baptized members, and Episcopal Relief and Development in undertaking and supporting partnerships for global development in impoverished countries and called for the expansion of this work (A010).

Established working toward the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals as a mission priority for the coming triennium, and urged each diocese, congregation and parishioner to commit to 0.7 percent giving toward the goals by July 7, 2007 (07/07/07);
Endorsed The ONE Campaign, the U.S. movement for the MDGs, through the Episcopal Church's ONE Episcopalian campaign; called on all to join the ONE Episcopalian campaign and endorse The ONE Campaign's call for the United States government to annually spend an additional one percent of its budget to combat global poverty (D022).
Ministry Development

Called upon the Executive Council and dioceses to affirm the vital importance of college and university ministries; encouraged recognition of campus ministries with canonical status as mission congregations, when appropriate (A041).

Instructed the Standing Commission on Ministry Development to create and disseminate materials to assist leaders in ministry to recognize and respond to evidence of abuse, and report to the 76th General Convention (A086).

Offered thanksgiving for the gift of all women in ministry; encouraged dioceses to celebrate these ministries in ways appropriate to their locale, including that the "pioneers in the ordination of women in all orders be part of this celebration and that their witness and courage be recognized"; continued to encourage dioceses that as yet have not ordained women to the priesthood to provide for the ordination and exercise of priestly ministry by women in their dioceses (A139).


Directed the offices of the Director of Mission to develop new leadership programs and/or to endorse existing leadership training programs for use at the diocesan level which help bishops and diocesan leadership in developing strategies, quantifiable action plans and timelines for accelerating their mission performance; to develop quantitative measures of accountability for diocesan mission performance and requested programs include a mechanism for dioceses to share their "best practices" and "lessons learned" in the process of accelerating their mission performance (A038).

Directed the Standing Commission on Domestic Mission and Evangelism to explore the possibility of a new definition for "Missionary Dioceses" (A087).

Urged the Joint Standing Committee on Planning and Arrangements, in consultation with the Executive Council, to enable a participatory, vision focused dialogue on the mission of the church to take place at the 76th General Convention (D043).


Direct the Office of Ministry Development to identify and evaluate materials for formal faith-based reconciliation training appropriate for all ages, and to promote their use; urged the House of Bishops to participate in formal reconciliation training during the next triennium in order to prepare to carry the skills and tools of faith-based reconciliation home to their dioceses (A039).

Urged each member of the 75th General Convention to offer him/herself to an individual from whom he/she has become separated, asking Christ's forgiveness from that person before the close of this Convention; and, upon returning to their worshipping communities, invite their church to participate in a similar act of reconciliation (A101).


Declared the institution of slavery was and is a sin that continues to plague the common life in the church and the culture; expressed profound regret "that (a) The Episcopal Church lent the institution of slavery its support and justification based on Scripture, and (b) after slavery was formally abolished, the Episcopal Church continued for at least a century to support de jure and de facto segregation and discrimination;" apologized for the church's "complicity in and the injury done by the institution of slavery and its aftermath; we repent of this sin and ask God's grace and forgiveness;" asked for a report to the next Convention "on how the Church can be ‘the repairer of the breach, (Isaiah 58:12), both materially and relationally;" requested the Presiding Bishop to name a Day of Repentance and on that day to hold a Service of Repentance at the National Cathedral, and each Diocese is requested to hold a similar service (A123).

Endorsed the principles of restorative justice;  called upon the Anti-Racism Committee of Executive Council  to design a study and dialogue process and materials in order to engage people of the church in storytelling about historical and present-day privilege and under-privilege, as well as discernment towards restorative justice and the call to fully live into our baptismal covenant; asked that "the Church hold before itself the vision of a Church without racism; a Church for all races" (A127).

Affirmed commitments to become a transformed, anti-racist church and to work toward healing, reconciliation and a restoration of wholeness to the family of God, urged the church to call upon Congress and the American people to support legislation initiating study of and dialogue about the history and legacy of slavery in the United States, and of proposals for monetary and non-monetary reparations to the descendants of the victims of slavery (C011).

Recognized that the Bible has sometimes been used to justify oppressive institutions and practices; supported efforts to foster methods of biblical interpretation which do not lend support to oppressive systems; recognized with gratitude the celebration of the United Kingdom's Abolition of Slavery Bicentenary (1807-2007) and the celebration of the State of Vermont's 230th anniversary of the abolition of slavery (1777-2007), giving thanks for these witnesses of liberating faith. (C040).


Acknowledged the authority of the triune God, exercised through Scripture (D069).


Provided funding toward cross-cultural and international experience for seminarians (A117).

Mandated the Standing Commission on Ministry Development design strategies for raising awareness and responding to the crisis of educational debt for those preparing for ordained ministry in the church (B006).

Requested the Standing Commission on Ministry Development (SCMD), in consultation with the Presiding Bishop, convene a task force to review the purpose of the General Ordination Examinations (GOE) (C036).

Requested the Presiding Bishop continue to designate the first Sunday in February as Theological Education Sunday to share the work of theological education at the seminaries as well as the initiatives within congregations, dioceses, and other networks throughout the church; and urged seminaries strengthen their partnerships to provide theological education for both ordained and lay persons (D008).

Sexual Misconduct

Affirmed the work occurring in many dioceses and recommitted to the positions taken by previous General Conventions on sexual misconduct (encompassing both sexual harassment and sexual exploitation) of adults by clergy, church employees and volunteer workers is wrong; called on dioceses to adopt policies for the protection from sexual misconduct and assist congregation in doing the same (A156).

Continued the Task Force on Institutional Wellness and Prevention of Sexual Misconduct established by the 74th General Convention (A158).

Small Churches

Directed the Office of Congregational Development to compile resources to promote vitality of mission and ministry in small congregations and communicate, disseminate and provide access to the larger church in a variety of formats; and develop and implement innovative ways of collecting and telling stories of vitality in mission and ministry occurring in small congregations (A098).

Directed the Standing Commission for Small Congregations work with Church Center staff to develop opportunities for leadership training in small church ministry, facilitate sharing and cooperation, continue conversation with the Church Pension Fund regarding compensation and benefit issues for clergy and lay participants serving small congregations and plan opportunities to celebrate the life and ministry of small congregations at the 76th General Convention (D057).


Urged each diocese and the Office of Stewardship, over the course of the next triennium, to offer training, education, and resources that promote the healthy role of money in our lives, biblical teachings about financial matters, and the faithful habits of budgeting, sharing, saving, responsible handling of debt, and life and estate planning; designate February as "Debt Awareness Month"; requested PB&F to consider a budget allocation of $30,000 (A102).


Designated the Economic Justice Loan Committee and the Episcopal Council on Indigenous Ministries (ECIM) as committees of Executive Council (A108).

Designated the Committee on Social Responsibility in Investments (SRI) as a committee of Executive Council and provided it with an official mandate paraphrased closely from its description in the Executive Council Handbook. No changes in the current operations, membership, or budget of this committee will result from this resolution (A109).

Directed the Standing Commission on National Concerns to investigate issues relating to criminal justice in the United States and church ministry within the criminal justice system (A111).
Requested all CCABs to evaluate suggested changes for placement within church structure and report one year before 76th Convention; charged Standing Commission on the Structure of the Church to review and correct the defined terms for CCABs and to propose structural changes to the CCAB system where changes would appear to be useful; to study and recommend to the 76th General Convention resolutions concerning any proposed changes to the Preamble of the Constitution with reference to the ‘official' name of this church, with particular consideration of being inclusive of our overseas dioceses and parishes; charged the Standing Commission on the Structure of the Church to review, study, and recommend to the 76th General Convention resolutions concerning changes to the process by which the Presiding Bishop would be nominated and elected (A112).

Theological Education

Commended the work of PEALL (Proclaiming Education for All) and affirmed the continuation of its work as a part of the planning for integrated, holistic education in the church (A090).

Urged prayer for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, and for all those who are working to bring peace to those lands, particularly United States military personnel and their families, expressed concern and support for all  personnel serving in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan, offered gratitude to Episcopal chaplains and directed the Office of the Bishop Suffragan for Chaplaincies to communicate to all Episcopal military chaplains and to Episcopal service men and women these commitments (D019).

Reiterated opposition to the war in Iraq and called on Congress and the president to immediately develop a plan to stabilize Iraq that will allow U.S. troops to come home, called on all Episcopalians "as an act of penitence, to oppose and resist through advocacy, protest and electoral action the continuation of the war in Iraq," asked the (SCLM) to commission prayers and liturgies for use in the time of war and asked the church to pray for and help the wounded and those who have died (D020).
Youth and young adults

Directed the Office of Anglican and Global Relations, in collaboration with the Office of Ministries with Young People, to develop resources for the pastoral care and vocational formation of participants in the Young Adult Service Corps; increased number of annual placements from ten to fifteen per year (A114).