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ERD responds to Gaza hospital operating amidst violence

[Episcopal Relief and Development]  ERD is sending emergency assistance to the Al Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza where the fighting in the region has caused an electrical outage for the entire city.  All the phone lines are down and the only source of communication is through the limited availability of cell phones.  The hospital is currently using a backup generator but because of limited fuel, the generator is expected to remain functional for only 20 more days.

On Friday, July 7, a bombing in northern Gaza killed several dozen Palestinians and one Israeli.  There is severe overcrowding at the hospital—women and children as well as soldiers, line the corridors waiting for medical help.  “We are short of medical supplies… People coming from the south can only get here with great difficulty,” said Shalia Tarazi, director of Al Ahli Arab hospital.  “We can only ask God for mercy now,” she said. 

ERD is working with the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem to supply critical aid to keep Al Ahli Arab fully operational.  So far we have been able to supply the hospital with critical medical supplies and services to assist its staff in care of the sick and injured.  Through ERD’s support of the hospital’s Community Outreach Clinics (COC), people living in Gaza receive emergency care that is often tough to access in the war-torn region.

Episcopal Relief and Development is the international relief and development agency of the Episcopal Church of the United States. An independent 501(c) (3) organization, ERD saves lives and builds hope in communities around the world. We provide emergency assistance in times of crisis and rebuild after disasters. We enable people to climb out of poverty by offering long-term solutions in the areas of food security and health care, including HIV/AIDS and malaria.