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World Mission Sunday 2007 will celebrate young people in global mission


Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold (center), Canon Margaret S. Larom, director of Anglican and Global Relations and the Rev. Douglas Fenton, staff officer of Young Adult and Higher Education Ministries with partcipants of the Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) retreat in Amherst, MA.  

[Episcopal News Service]  "Proclaim God's Wondrous Deeds!" will be the theme of World Mission Sunday 2007, to be observed on February 18. Based on Psalm 71:17 –"O God, from my youth you have taught me, and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds"—the theme celebrates the participation of youth and young adults in world mission and demonstrates to people of all ages the potential of engaging a new generation in global mission.

"Over the past twenty years, we have seen a consistent increase in participation in mission experiences for young adults and youth across the church at every level," said Thomas Chu, director of Ministries with Young People. "The intense experiences of engaging diversity and difference through mission service have a most significant impact on how young people perceive the world around them.  In every generation God has already planted the seeds for mission—it is our vocation as church leaders to cultivate these seeds and to call out gifts for mission in God's world."

World Mission Sunday, celebrated every year on the last Sunday after Epiphany, is a commemoration established by mandate of General Convention Resolution 1997-A205 to help Episcopalians increase awareness of and participation in global mission.

World Mission Sunday 2007 is intended to highlight the many ways in which youth and young adults can connect to the wider world through their faith and energy.

"I have been so moved in recent years to see the deep mission commitment of youth and young adults," said Canon Margaret S. Larom, director of Anglican and Global Relations. "The stellar work and profound witness of those who have participated in the Young Adult Service Corps (YASC), particularly, has shown me that there is no end to God's faithfulness in raising up servants of Christ in every generation."

In July, Larom met with 23 YASC "alums," half of whom have served in mission assignments since the program began. "I was convinced again of the importance of these young people to the health and welfare of our church, not to mention the world," she said. "It is highly appropriate that we celebrate their accomplishments, as well as their potential, on World Mission Sunday next year."

The resource materials supporting the theme "Proclaim God's Wondrous Deeds!" will lift up cross-generational mission efforts, as well, acknowledging the important role that parents, teachers, and other spiritual mentors have in shaping each new generation of church leaders. The lectionary, posters, and mission activity resources will be available at the website of Anglican and Global Relations.

For more information about World Mission Sunday 2007 contact Mary Brennan, World Mission Interpretation and Networks Officer, 212-716-6223,