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SOUTHERN OHIO: Bishop Price added to episcopal election slate


 The Rt. Rev. Kenneth Price Jr.  

[Episcopal News Service]  The Diocese of Southern Ohio’s bishop suffragan, Kenneth Price Jr., has been nominated by petition to join the slate of nominees to become the diocese’s ninth bishop.

Price, 63, is serving as bishop in Southern Ohio until the election November 11 at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio.

The bishop-elect will succeed Bishop Herbert Thompson Jr., 72, who retired at the end of 2005, and died unexpectedly August 16 while traveling in Italy.

Price joins the slate of nominees announced July 10.

Those nominees are:

• The Rev. Thomas Edward Breidenthal, 55, Dean of Religious Life and of the Chapel, Princeton University

• The Rev. Robert Glenn Certain, 58, rector, St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, Palm Desert, California

• The Rev. Susan E. Goff, rector, 53, St. Christopher's Episcopal Church, Springfield, Virginia

• The Rev. John F. Koepke III, 53, rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Dayton, Ohio

• The Rev. James B. Lemler, 55, Director of Mission, The Episcopal Church, New York, New York

They joined an additional nominee, the Rev. Canon George Hill, 60, rector of St. Barnabas, Montgomery, Ohio. Hill was nominated by petition in 2005.

An election planned for June 11, 2005, was postponed after the House of Bishops declared a moratorium in March 2005 on consents to bishop elections until the next meeting of General Convention in June 2006. Only one of the original nominees –-Hill –- continued in the process, while the rest withdrew their names from consideration. The Nominating Committee conducted another search after the postponed election.

Biographical information and photos of the nominees are posted on the diocese's website.

The consecration of Southern Ohio's ninth bishop is scheduled for April 28, 2007, in Columbus.

The Diocese of Southern Ohio represents more than 25,000 people in 40 counties. The Diocese of Southern Ohio hosted the Episcopal Church's 75th General Convention, which met June 13-21 in Columbus.