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CHICAGO: Search process extended, election rescheduled for 12th bishop



[Diocese of Chicago]  The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Chicago has extended the timeline for the nomination and election process for the 12th bishop of Chicago. The committee now forecasts a mid-October date for posting the profile and invitation for nominations.

The committee has also rescheduled the election from June 16, 2007, to the annual Diocesan Convention on November 10, 2007. The earliest date for the consecration of the new bishop -- given the need for consents from the church's bishops and standing committees -- will be January 2008.

A slower tabulation of the data from the diocesan survey last May is the main reason for the change, according to standing committee president, the Rev. Wayne Carlson. Another factor was the realization that the timeline was too demanding, said Carlson. Both the standing committee and search committee want to ensure the process is conducted in a fair and responsible way, he said.

Carlson said the search committee is looking to publish the official slate of nominees the week after Labor Day 2007, and then set two weeks aside for receiving nominees by petition. The walkabout visits of nominees to the diocese would likely take place at the end of October 2007.

Chicago's 11th bishop, William Persell, is considering closing out his final months as diocesan on sabbatical which would cover the period from the election until the new bishop is consecrated. 

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