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Reader Response to the Lambeth Conference

[Episcopal News Service] Following are responses from readers to ELO's coverage of the Lambeth Conference.

Emergent evangelist challenges Lambeth Conference to speak to a new world

The thought of seeing the present struggles on sexuality within the Anglican Communion not only through a theological but through a missional lens is an excellent thought. Taking just this could be immensely helpful to all who want genuinely to bring the Gospel to all peoples. Well done Brian--it is thoughts like this that can lead to significant breakthrough in the future. Also the whole issue of holding together our differences in unity and love has a lot to offer us. Mary Jane Reubenstein has written a very thought provoking article on this called "Anglicans in the post colony: On sex and the limits of communion."

ENGLAND: I am not coming to Lambeth to protest, New Hampshire Bishop Robinson says

"I am not coming to Lambeth to protest" is in itself a statement that he is there to protest.....and it is a cute (neat) way of doing it. To protest one must be heard. To be heard is to listen to what I say, or you listen to me and I will NOT listen to learn from ME, I do not and WILL NOT learn from you because then I am admitting the error of or in my protest. If God wanted a "gay" practice in life then it would be in ALL species fully practiced. "Go into the world and multiply"--that refers to the reproduction function of sex ....and not self satisfaction. Robinson is wrong....he uses the power of the office of Bishop incorrectly. God is waiting for Robinson to repent.....and not lead others to believe in his lifestyle. I can listen to him but he can never convince me that there is anything correct in his life style. He is wrong...he wants to use the cover of Christ and the church as a means to self justification. Pity the man, for he will not listen when others try to point the error of his ways.......and pity those who accept and listen to him for they accept his premise of this is GOD's way. Sorry, but I do not think so. What is absolution all about? At the end of life, I pray for God's judgment.

Lambeth panel explores questions of Anglican identity, postcolonialism

This debate may be a good start for a world wide church - centered revisioning of postcolonial theological and hermeneutical frameworks. It is essential as many of us who struggle to redefine our ecclesial identity in our own postcolonial contexts may consider this event as historical.

Interview with the Presiding Bishop on the Lambeth  Conference

Ms. Schori--I pray for God to clear your mind of your will and follow his. It is not for us to interpret nor change scripture as much as it is for scripture to change us. May you find in scripture the guidance you so need to return to God's fold and his will, not yours, nor the wills of those in TEC who think they know better than GOD.

Presiding Bishop preaches at historic London church

”The sense that we're falling apart is really overblown," says Jefferts Schori. The issue of homosexuality "is certainly present but I don't find it is consuming the conversation". I see someone in denial that there is a problem; how many bishops are asking for Robinson to step down, and how many bishops did not come to Canterbury in protest over the Episcopal church stand on the gay issue? I believe that when the Episcopal Church has its 2009 General Convention and approves same-sex blessings as part of the church is when the Presiding Bishop will see fallout of people who follow Scripture. In my heart the church is slowly dying and it sadden me. May God the Father have mercy on the Episcopal Church.

Sudanese primate wants Robinson's resignation

It is a good thing that there is "peace" and "prosperity" in the Sudan and that the archbishop has nothing better to do than attack real Christians.

Yea for Gene Robinson!!!

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