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Reader Response to the Lambeth Conference

[Episcopal News Service] Reader Responses to ELO’s coverage of the Lambeth Conference follow.

Lambeth bishops wrestle with Scripture

All the priests, bishops, etc., with all their degrees, have absolutely no common sense when it comes to interpreting the Bible. As an Episcopalian for the past 64-1/2 years, I have seen it all.  I really like the way Episcopalians thought, acted, responded, and delivered the Word of Christ in the past. They spoke with intelligence. These men and women were knowledgeable about their faith, the bible, their beliefs, and The Episcopal Church and its teachings and beliefs.

We live in a world with many people who are of many cultures. To fit this world into the world of the biblical context is impossible! How can intelligent people sit in judgment of Christians who love the Lord and worship him with reverence and love, and say they are not acceptable because of their sexual orientation, which is genetic, not something one chooses?  Why would someone choose to be ostracized, excluded, discriminated against, persecuted, etc., etc., as opposed to being "accepted" as "normal".  It doesn't happen. 

So, my point is....why is the world spending so much time on the one issue of homosexuality?  It is not as though Gene Robinson is the very first clergy person to be gay.

All the Bishops have spent so many valuable hours that could have been used to alleviate the plight of all the victims of the many disasters and hardships that people worldwide are dealing with, wasting their time when they could be actually accomplishing something worldwide that truly would make a difference.

Lambeth Digest, Day 9

Anglican Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi of Kenya has said churches in Africa and the Global South will not stop setting up parallel church structures in the United States, despite a proposal at the Lambeth Conference for such "cross border interventions" to cease.

"We won't stop going to America to preach the Gospel. We are going to preach the Gospel. We are going to tell the good news to the people," Nzimbi said July 30 in Nairobi.

This is pure arrogance from the coward who will not come face to face with others who differ from his point of view.

Archbishop of Canterbury's second presidential address to the Lambeth Conference

The Archbishop of Canterbury asks for unity in the Communion and places his focus on the question of human sexuality. Perhaps the Archbishop should have addressed with equal vigor the disruptive moves made by some churches within the Communion in raiding other provinces (Canada and TEC) and supporting a disregard for the internal discipline within our church by bishops and Primates from other Provinces.

The Archbishop's move to force the Covenant on the historically independent churches of the Communion' is a matter of grave concern for those of us that see any move to establish an 'Anglican Curia' as harmful to the mission of The Episcopal Church to serve all its members. TEC is only governed by our own legislation in our freely elected General Convention(s) that represents all orders of the church.

The Archbishop forgets that our church and others in the Communion are made up of all orders working together and that the bishops are not the only authority in TEC or the Body of Christ. All members of TEC are called to the priesthood of Christ in our Baptismal Covenant. Let us be very concerned that we are being asked to surrender our right to govern our church and surrender ourselves over to those we do not elect or have any authority over their actions. We do not need a British-appointed Crown official (the Archbishop of Canterbury) governing our church.

Lambeth bishops wrestle with Scripture

At last!  We have reached the crux of the issue - How to interpret scripture as it relates to human sexuality and, for that matter, what does scripture say about ordination of women as deacons, priests and bishops?  There has always been an issue with me on both of these points.

In my studies I have focused on two points: 1. To read scripture deductively, not inductively and 2. What did Christ say about both issues.

In reading the Gospels I con not find any reference in the words attributed to Christ that mentions either homosexuality or the ordination of women.  What we do have is Christ's words, "Thou shall have no other God before thee and thou shall love your neighbor as thyself.  On these two commands hang all the laws and the Prophets."

We need to be mindful the church has historically interpreted scripture incorrectly and later corrected itself as new understanding of God's creation was reveled to us - remember Galileo.

Windsor Continuation Group proposals on homosexuality issues, interventions, get mixed reception.

There seems to be much energy being spent on the Covenant, while we already have a covenant - it is called the Baptismal Covenant. This covenant should be sufficient and does not require reams of paper.

Lambeth bishops wrestle with Scripture

Just exactly what are the primates debating?  The Old and New testaments are necessary to Salvation!  We attested to that at our ordinations.  Jesus is the Word of God Incarnate asking that we abide in Him.  St. Paul reminds us to use Scripture to test, prove and rebuke all teaching.  In Hooker's Laws, it is the first and primary authority we have. Lord have mercy upon us!

Lambeth Conference Daily Account: Bishop Leo Frade of Southeast Florida, Bishop Dean Wolfe of Kansas

Different who??

Different what, for example?

Different languages...Swahili, Arabic, Japanese?

Different people...from where?

This is lazy reporting. Tells us nothing.

Lambeth Conference Daily Account: Bishop Suffragan Dena Harrison of Texas, Bishop Henry Parsley of Alabama

The equality before God of all persons and especially the equality of men with women is a core Christian tenet that differentiates our faith.  Unfortunately, I feel one of the causes of Islamic terrorism is the threat our culture poses to the traditional Muslim subservience of women. Yes, there is a natural desire to avoid confrontation and it would be nice if all faiths and cultures held our views but wishful thinking is not reality. Will there be any discussion on how to approach the coming challenges in regards to the influx of large Islamic populations into Europe and their growing insistence on enforcing Sharia law?  

Reader Response to the Lambeth Conference

Help! I know we in the American Church are on the outs with many in the Communion, and even if I agree or disagree, respect for the leaders on both or all sides of issues needs to be shown.

Calling the Presiding Bishop of our Church “Ms. Schori” is not only disrespectful, but I don't see how this reflects to the wider world a Spirit of the Living God. The Most Rev. Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori is an ordained priest in the Anglican Communion; is a Bishop consecrated in the Diocese of Nevada; and now is the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. “Ms. Schori” doesn't acknowledge any of these sacramental acts.

Please let’s respect all in our Church and leave the name calling to others.

Lambeth Digest, Day 9

'In response to reporters' questions, he said: "There may have to be a structure proposed -- not intended as punitive -- which will keep us in as full situation of communion as we can be while recognizing that to some degree it may be diminished or it may work out in terms of a slight dilution of representation. I'm not putting that forward as a decision but as a possible way to go forward."'

Let's see, "some degree [of participation] may be diminished or it may work out in terms of a slight dilution of representation," but the forum is "not meant to be punitive in any way."  I'm not sure I understand what Archbishop Handford's understanding of “not being punitive” may be.

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