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Diocesan Programs
Numerous dioceses in the Episcopal Church offer programs to enrich lay and ordained ministry.  This list is organized by diocese. 
California - School for Deacons
Courses are open to individuals who wish to deepen their theological awareness, or who wish to prepare for lay ministry; however, because the primary mission of the School is to prepare deacons, all courses are taught to emphasize the diaconal calling of the Church from all the dioceses in northern California
Central Florida - Institute for Christian Studies
Consists of two schools: The School of Continuing Education, and the School of Diaconal Training. The courses in the School of Continuing Education are open to any person interested in the subject being presented. Courses in the School of Diaconal Training are open to postulants for ordination to the diaconate, who have completed all of the courses in scriptural and religious studies in the School of Continuing Education.
Kansas - The School of Ministry
A two-year school to educate and train those in the diocese who are seeking ways in which to exercise their Christian ministries within their parishes, the diocese and the world. The program is primarily for diaconal training, but lay ministers are welcome.
Louisiana - The Diocesan School for Ministry
Offers a dynamic, interactive approach to the education and training of baptized persons in their spiritual journey toward Christian maturity. Through lecture, small group dialogue, worship and individual reflection, the School nurtures adults committed to fulfilling the Diocesan vision of deepening discipleship to the living Christ.
Michigan - Whitaker School of Theology
Whitaker School of Theology of the Diocese of Michigan educates, equips and empowers people to carry on the ministry of Jesus Christ. This school without walls serves over 1000 people per year and provides adult life long education for clergy, lay persons and inquirers. Flagship programs such as the Leadership Development Program, Exploring Your Spiritual Journey and the Deacon Formation Program all acknowledge the transformative power of Christ's calling.
Milwaukee – DeKovan Center
Offers many programs including continuing education for clergy and various retreats throughout the year.
Olympia - Diocesan School of Ministry and Theology
Classes are open to all adults. Although one need not be Episcopalian to attend, classes are taught from an Anglican viewpoint, and the assumption is that students wish to deepen their knowledge of the Episcopal ethos. Academic requirements and prerequisites are specified in the various courses as appropriate.
South Dakota - The Niobrara School for Ministry
Provides theological education for locally trained candidates for deacon and priest, and also for all licensed and specialized lay ministries and ministry teams. In addition, NSM offers possibilities for continuing education for clergy and lay leadership. Provides lay adult, diaconal, and priestly formation, education, and training to equip disciples to change lives.
Southern Ohio – The Anglican Academy
Offers a Diaconal Studies Program, a three-year curriculum of courses and spiritual formation designed primarily for persons seeking ordination to the Diaconate. Courses are open and available to persons other than those studying for ordination. Additionally, there is a program to identify and train people for increased participation in leadership roles in their congregation, the diocese - and in their ministry outside the institutional church.
Southwest Virginia - Bishop Marmion Resource Center
Provides lay adult, diaconal, and priestly formation, education, and training to equip disciples to change lives.
Upper South Carolina - The Diocesan School for Ministry
Provides lay adult, diaconal, and priestly formation, education, and training to equip disciples to change lives.
West Virginia - Equipping the Saints
A three-year program designed to equips lay leaders and those seeking ordination as deacons or local priests to strengthen the congregational ministry of the church. This program emphasizes spiritual formation, instruction & study and practice & reflection. Course work is at the college level There are two types of certification available as well as non-certified participation.
Western Louisiana - Diocesan School of Theology
Offers study, prayer and fellowship to those interested in deepening their Christian experience and understanding of the faith. Classes are offered in scripture, theology, the life of prayer, church history, liturgics, the Anglican ethos and ethics. The complete course of study is a three-year program; a fourth year is required for those seeking a special vocation in lay ministry or the diaconal ministry.
Western New York - The Bishop Brent School for Ministry
Provides a variety of classes throughout the year, including: licensing classes for chalice bearers, lay eucharistic ministers, administrators, etc.; Safe Church training for church employees and youth workers; gifts discernment; and scriptural studies.