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Higher Education
The Episcopal Church has a long history of involvement with colleges and universities.  The following organizations are geared towards college and university students, faculty, chaplains, and anyone involved in campus ministry.
Association of Episcopal Colleges (AEC)
Comprised of eleven Episcopal Colleges. Many of these are traditional liberal arts colleges; three have historically served the African American community; one was chartered to serve Hispanic immigrants; one is dedicated to health care; and two are overseas, in Liberia and the Philippines.
Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC)
Formed as a world-wide association of Anglican colleges and universities of higher education as a result of an international conference of representatives assembled at Canterbury in 1993 (Christ Church College, UK). It is comprised of colleges or universities that are associated by history and tradition with the Anglican Communion.
Guild of Scholars of the Episcopal Church, The
An organization comprised of Lay Episcopalians who meet annually. Members are elected upon recommendation of other members, and must be Episcopal.
Higher Education Ministries Arena (HEMA)
An online Directory of Ministries in Higher Education, job opportunities, Lenten and Advent meditation guidebooks. HEMA also sponsors training events and occasional continuing education events for new campus ministers, chaplains, pastors, and laypersons along with other projects. [DFMS]
International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership
A not-for-profit organization that administers educational undergraduate and graduate programs in 14 countries. It offers programs for undergraduates, graduates, and Special Education Internships.