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Below is a list of publishers affiliated, in one way or another, with the Episcopal Church.  Find information on ordering books and other print resources. 
Church Publishing
This official organization produces prayer books, hymnals, and other titles mandated by the General Convention through the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music. In addition, Church Publishing carries works on liturgy, music, homiletics, church history, liturgical theology, Anglican spirituality, contemporary global Anglicanism, and emerging issues, as well as recorded music, and a growing list of software products and online services.
Cowley Publications
Cowley Publications is a ministry of the brothers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist in Cambridge, MA. They seek to provide engaging books for ongoing theological exploration and spiritual formation of seekers, pastors and church leaders. They aim to develop a new generation of writers whose books will encourage people to think and pray in new ways about the life of faith and the future. The Publisher is the Superior of the Society, Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE.
Forward Movement Publications
Forward Movement Publications produces the pamphlets found in most church tract racks. Since 1935 they have produced materials to help people in their life and work. Forward Movement is best known for the quarterly magazine Forward Day by Day, but they also produce interesting, informative, inexpensive books and pamphlets. Forward Movement is owned by the Episcopal Church but operates under an independent board. Editor and executive director, Dick Schmidt.
This publishing and consulting organization serves the Episcopal Church and beyond by providing resources that are developed by congregations or dioceses and then shared throughout a network.  These materials are "evolutionary" in that they are constantly being added to and improved by all the people who use them. 
Living the Good News
This publisher provides resources for Episcopal, Catholic, Lutheran and other churches to teach, inspire and involve their members in prayer, worship and spiritual growth.
Morehouse Publishing
Morehouse Publishing publishes books on spirituality, liturgy and worship, prayer, the Bible, church history, theology, Christian education, marriage and family, church administration, lay and ordained ministry, homiletics, ethics and moral theology, contemporary social issues, stewardship, and women’s issues.
St. Mark’s Press
The publisher, based in Kansas, provides many resources including the New Revised Standard and Revised Standard versions of the Episcopal Eucharistic Lectionary.