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Books & Bibles
The Scriptures permeate our life as Christians and the Episcopal Church strives to be a church deepened by the Word of God.  One way to deepen this understanding is through access to the Bible and other resources.  These organizations provide valuable print resources to the church and to the world. 
Church Publishing
This official organization produces prayer books, hymnals, and other titles mandated by the General Convention through the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music. In addition, Church Publishing carries works on liturgy, music, homiletics, church history, liturgical theology, Anglican spirituality, contemporary global Anglicanism, and emerging issues, as well as recorded music, and a growing list of software products and online services.
American Bible Society
Their mission is to make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford.
Anglican Book Club, The
Formerly knowns as the Episcopal Book Club, this organization offers a program of specially selected books at bargain prices. Titles selected reflect the latest books on the mainstream teachings of Anglicanism by articulate and contemporary writers. is the first exclusively online shop serving the needs of the Anglican Church. The initiative is supported by the leading Anglican publishers including Canterbury Press, Church House Publishing, Hodder & Stoughton and SPCK Publishing. Stock is dispatched to churches and Anglicans throughout the world.
Bible and Common Prayer Book Society, The
The ministry of EBARC is to equip others for their ministry. This resource centers offers a wide variety of resources including resources provided by the ministries of the Episcopal Church Center.
Bible Reading Fellowship
An nondenominational organization that produces and distributes daily Bible reading materials and various other resources for church growth.
Episcopal Booksellers Association
A group of independent and church-owned bookstores that serve the church and general public. Organized in 1998 to support, educate, and provide information, resource sharing, advertising, and serve as liaison with publishers.
Operation Pass Along
A program for collecting books about the Church and usable vestments from those who no longer want or need them and passing them along to those who do. Requests for books from seminarians or other readers are filled from whatever is on our shelves at no charge other than for shipping and handling.
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK/USA)
An organization that provides resources for Christian discipleship around the world. Works for the creation, preparation, and distribution of Christian knowledge by utilizing print and other media. Recycles theological books to seminaries around the world. SPCK/USA is the American arm of the world’s oldest mission agency founded in London over 300 years ago.