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The Episcopal Church strives to be a community that is reflective of the complex and diverse cultural presences in our society.   These groups and organizations call the church to live out this goal.  
Fundación Cristosal
This foundation was organized to support the work of the Episcopal/Anglican Church of El Salvador and serves as a communication and educational awareness resource that builds bridges through exchange visits, work projects, educational experiences, and supporting fundraising efforts for identified needs and emerging project.
Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE)
This organization encourages the involvement of Black people in the total life of the Church - on every level and in every way - mission, stewardship, evangelism, education, sharing, liberation, empowerment, leadership, governance, and politics.
VIA - Viviendo la Identidad Anglicana
This educational program is for Spanish-speaking Episcopalians and is designed to help lay members of Episcopal congregations discover what the significance is of living the Christian life in the Episcopal/Anglican way.