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Other Communities
The following is a list of Religious Communities that are not canonically recognized communities. As such, these communities are not under the guidance of the House of Bishops Committee on Religious Communities.
Anglican Order of Preachers
A community of women and men who in the Dominican tradition seek to build up the church by preaching and teaching the Gospel and by regular and catholic prayer.
Community of the Ascension
An Episcopal Order for women, this Order was founded to be a witness of the Ascension, the exaltation of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is in the light of the Ascended Christ that they see all people and all creation to be holy, loved by God, and deserving of our concern and care.
Franciscan Order of the Divine Compassion
A traditional, orthodox, Anglo-Catholic Religious Order formed to preserve the historic Catholic Faith as the Anglican Church received it. First Order members are Friars. Second Order Members are Poor Clares. Third Order vocations are secular in nature and do not live in monasteries. Although under vows, they pursue the "religious life" while living in their own homes.
Order of the Ascension
Founded in 1983, this Order strives to ground and center its members in their daily life and their roles as parish leaders and developers.