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The Episcopal Church strives to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.  This restoration is often referred to as evangelism.  A church focused on evangelism consists of being an inviting church and a church reflective of society’s diversity.
ACTS 29 Ministries
This "para-church" ministry conducts teaching and training seminars across the country and around the world in evangelism and renewal. Founded in Dallas, Texas as the Episcopal Charismatic Fellowship in 1973, the ministry has since undergone two name changes and several location changes. Seven years after its creation, the ministry adopted the name Episcopal Renewal Ministries. In late 1997, ERM's board of directors approved the current name of ACTS 29 Ministries.
Alpha, USA
A ten-week course, designed for newcomers to Christianity, to explore the validity and relevance of the Christian faith for today. The course consists of a series of talks addressing key issues relating to the Christian faith and a light meal together at the beginning of each session.
Brotherhood of St. Andrew
A missionary and evangelism ministry of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. It is the oldest evangelistic ministry of the Episcopal Church. The goal is to bring men and boys to Jesus Christ.
Church Army USA
A society of trained and commissioned evangelists in the Episcopal Church. Their aim and purpose is winning persons to Christ, by providing the Episcopal Church with trained, disciplined and socially concerned evangelists who shall: reach the un-churched; equip others to "do the work of an evangelist;" and further evangelize by ministering where others cannot.
Episcopal Appalachian Ministries
Seeks to inspire, nurture, and affirm those who serve the unique needs of the people of Appalachia through advocacy, consciousness-raising, networking, education and other appropriate programs, working through Diocesan channels and with the authority of the respective bishops.
Provides an open, non-judgmental, private place for anyone interested in exploring spiritual issues. The goal is to help individuals move along their faith journeys by providing rich and varied material about God, faith and spirituality.
Grow Your Church Now
Provides Biblically based, spiritually sound, and highly interactive seminars customized to help parishes with their growth process.
A Journey in Disciple Making
Through ten years of active leadership and experience in Southwest Florida, we have developed a process for local congregations of any denomination or fellowship to use to draw men into the life of the church and equip them to be the disciples and the disciple makers Jesus calls us to be. Between 2007 and 2017, our vision is to disciple 100,000 new men of faith and draw them into the life of a local church.
Living the Questions
An unapologetically liberal alternative to the Alpha Course, this 12-week DVD and web-based small group study claims to be ideal for Christian invitation, initiation and spiritual formation. Living the Questions is an ecumenical course that draws from various contributors and strives to create an environment where participants can discuss the revolutionary re-visioning of Christianity already emerging in the world.
The Magnetic Church
This site is geared to all members, not just lay leaders and clergy, and is in practical terms with non-confrontational techniques on how to help parishes attract, engage, and retain new members.
Peek Through the Window
Started in 1998, this website seeks to provide a basic introduction to what a visitor might find in an Episcopal Church. This site provides perspectives on some basic beliefs, worship, and various reflections.
Protestant Episcopal Evangelists
This organization is connected to St. Paul's House and while the emphasis is on inner-city ministries, it offers training in evangelism.
Via Media
A tool for evangelism designed to proclaim the Good News of God in Christ Jesus and to present the Episcopal Church in a contemporary context. It celebrates American Anglicanism and invites others to "taste and see," offering seekers both the content and the context for conversations about Christian faith from an unabashedly Anglican perspective.