The Episcopal Church Welcomes You
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Passing faith from one generation to the next is important.  Middle school and high school youth serve numerous roles in churches all over the country.  These groups and organizations are for youth ministers, anyone who works with youth, and for youth themselves. 
World Vision's 30 Hour Famine
Youth group members raise money through donors and sponsors to help the millions of starving and hurting children in some of the world's poorest countries. Participants go 30 hours without food, in order to have a taste of what hunger is like. During this time they engage in different activities, from community service projects to volunteer work to study, depending on how each group plans their own event.
EGAD! Ideas
This ecumenical organization offers one of the internet's largest collection of free youth ministry games online. They also have many other activities, resources and ideas for those who work with today's youth.
A weekend program that seeks to bring young persons to a fuller personal knowledge of and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to a deeper level of commitment and apostleship.
My Faith, My Life
A website for Episcopal teens to explore their faith and learn more about the Episcopal Church. Because faith exploration is best done in community, this website has resources for teens as well as for parents, mentors, and youth leaders who serve as guides along the journey.
Pastoral Leadership Search Effort (PLSE)
Pronounced “pulse,” this partnership between The Fund for Theological Education, Inc. (FTE) and each of four Protestant denominations: the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the Episcopal Church, the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church offers young people ideas, support, and connections for exploring whether God is calling them to become pastors/priests.
Peer Ministry
Used at the Episcopal Youth Event in 2002, Peer Ministry is young people doing ministry, reaching out to their peers by showing up in their lives as people who witness to the love and wonder of God. Peer Ministry is mature, mutual ministry in that the minister expects to learn as well as teach, expects to receive as well as give, and expects to be loved and cared for as well as to be loving and caring.