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Official Organizations
The following are official and/or canonical organizations or agencies of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, otherwise known as The Episcopal Church, and its General Convention.
Archives of the Episcopal Church
The purpose of the Archives is “to preserve by safekeeping, to arrange and to make available the records of the General Convention, Executive Council, and the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, and other important records and memorabilia of the life and work of the Church, and to carry out a program of records management, so as to further the historical dimension of the mission of the Church” (Canon I.5.1-3).
Board for Church Deployment
The Board for Church Deployment functions to oversee the Church Deployment Office… study the deployment needs and trends in the Episcopal Church and in other Christian bodies… [and] issue and distribute such reports and information concerning  deployment as it deems helpful to the Church” (Canon III.26).
Church Pension Group
The Church Pension Fund is a corporation “authorized to establish and administer the clergy pension system,  including life, accident and health benefits, of this Church...” (Canon I.8.1-5).  It now includes these companies: Church Pension Fund; Church Life Insurance Company; Episcopal Church Medical Trust; Church Insurance Company; Church Insurance Agency Corporation; Church Life Insurance Company of Vermont; Church Publishing Incorporated; and CREDO Institute Inc.
The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church
The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (DFMS) is the corporate and legal entity of the national Episcopal Church (Canon I.3).
Episcopal Church Building Fund
The Episcopal Church Building Fund (ECBF) was founded in 1880 to respond to the expansion of the Episcopal Church throughout the United States and the subsequent church building projects. The mission of the ECBF today is to aid in the building, improvement, and repair of churches, rectories, parochial, and diocesan buildings by providing assistance in planning and loans, and to aid in the development of congregations through providing training, education, and resources.
Episcopal Diocesan Ecumenical Officers
EDEO provides support and training for diocesan ecumenical officers, encourages ecumenical activity within parishes and dioceses, enhances communication throughout the Episcopal Church about ecumenism, and encourages liaison among all those whose ministries have, or should have, an ecumenical dimension.
Episcopal Relief and Development
Episcopal Relief and Development is a compassionate response of the Episcopal Church to human suffering in the world, established in 1940 by the Episcopal Church in the United States as the Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief.  Its original mission was to assist refugees fleeing Europe during World War II. In 2000, its name was changed to Episcopal Relief and Development to emphasize ongoing emergency relief work and a growing focus on long-term development and rehabilitation programs.
Forward Movement Publications
Forward Movement Publications is an official agency of the national Episcopal Church. Since 1935 it has produced pamphlets, booklets, and books to encourage and nourish people as they grow in their lives of prayer and faith. They are best known for the popular quarterly devotional Forward Day by Day, providing daily meditations based on readings from the Bible appointed by the lectionaries.
General Board of Examining Chaplains
The General Board of Examining Chaplains is charged with preparing “at least annually a General Ordination Examination covering the subject matter set forth in Canon III.8.4(e), and shall conduct, administer, and evaluate it in respect to those Candidates for Holy Orders who have been identified to the Board by their several Bishops” (Canon III.25.1–4).
General Theological Seminary
The General Theological Seminary, the oldest Seminary of the Episcopal Church, was established by General Convention in 1817 and has been a New York City landmark since 1926.  A leading center for theological eduation in the Anglican Communion, the Seminary's primary mission is to educate and form leaders for the Church in a changing world. 
United Thank Offering
The United Thank Offering is a spiritual and financial partner in the mission work of the Episcopal Church. The United Offering (now the United Thank Offering) was established at the General Convention of 1889. The United Offering became the United Thank Offering in the year 1919. At the 1970 triennial meeting an independent National United Thank Offering Committee was established. Its responsibilities were to promote, interpret, and allocated the offerings annually.