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Remembering the past and tradition has always been an important part of the Episcopal Church.  This organization’s ministry is to preserve our history and to remind us of where we have been, to help us know where we are going.
American Friends of St. Davids Cathedral (Wales)
The Friends were formed in 1932 by the then Dean Watkyn Morgan who, like Deans before him, and since, have been in need of help in the maintenance of this truly marvellous building as a place of worship and one of the most important Celtic sites in Wales.
Archives of the Episcopal Church
An agency of the General Convention, the Archives is the Episcopal Church's official repository for records and memorabilia on the history and life of the Church and its world-wide missionary contacts. The Archives provides research and information services to the Church on both past events and contemporary topics and issues. It publishes the Digital Archives, which is an authentic archival source of data on Church policies and resources. The Archives is also the Rights and Permissions Office for the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society and provides consulting services to dioceses and parishes on historical preservation.
Episcopal Women's History Project
This project was organized in 1980 by a handful of dedicated Episcopal Churchwomen. Formed to raise the consciousness and conscience of the Episcopal Church to the historic contributions of its women, EWHP has gathered life stories of Episcopal Churchwomen. It has inventoried written source materials, gathered oral histories , published a lively newsletter, supported research, given grants, and encouraged interest at all levels through conferences and workshops.
Glebe House Museum
The birthplace of the Episcopal Church in the New World, a non-profit educational institution that seeks to make itself available to everyone as a unique historical, religious, and cultural landmark by preserving its heritage and providing programs and opportunities for education, research, and reflection.
Historic Christ Church Foundation
Located in Irvington, Virginia, this dynamic organization's commitment to preserving and interpreting Christ Church is rivaled only by the beauty and wonder echoed in this most inspiring of colonial Virginia's Anglican parish churches. The Foundation, however, is involved in more than just preservation work or architectural and archaeological research. It also seeks to interpret and present to the public the history of this great historic church.
Historical Society of the Episcopal Church (HSEC)
The HSEC is dedicated to preserving and disseminating information about the history of the Episcopal Church in the United States.
National Episcopal Historians and Archivists (NEHA)
The National Historians and Archivists are about the promoting of the preservation and dissemination of the heritage of Episcopal congregations and dioceses. They are dedicated to educating archivists, hisoriographers and other caretakers of Episcopal history about the importance of preserving our heritage through both written and oral documentation.