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  • » A Spiritual Surprise
    My husband and I were not 'church goers.' As a matter of fact, during the nine years we had been married, we had only been to church once. That's not to say that we hadn't been individually raised with some sort of notion of God. He had converted to Catholicism earlier in life and I spent my time in a variety of different churches. We just hadn’t been Christians or worshiped together.

  • » Abundant Mountaintop Manna From Heaven
    High summer, and the earth’s riches abound. Full, dark green leafy trees shade the vines that obscure our white picket fence. Barren winter seems a mere thought right now.Yet, the Scripture reading offers us manna in the wilderness. Wilderness — ha! Wilderness is January and February, here up north, followed by March, with its obligatory blizzard or ice storm. Manna in the wilderness — in the summer?

  • » Confessions of a Reluctant Apologist
    My friend and sister-in-law Cary lives in a swank little town in California’s Napa Valley. One summer afternoon she is sitting with me on the back deck in our not-so-swank Maine village. We are watching my kids jump into the pond. They are loud and goofy children, and always fun to watch. Suddenly she says, “One of the older ladies I play tennis with invited me to church.”

  • » It is Well with My Soul
    One early morning, now a few years back, I went out for my usual run with a neighbor friend. Together my friend and I passed the miles, season after season, weaving a tapestry of friendship out of the bits and pieces that we shared from our personal lives. In the quiet hours before dawn, we discussed virtually everything about our world, our families…ourselves.

  • » It Felt Like Something Was Missing
    I was a good Catholic girl.  I went to Catholic grade school, had a big Catholic wedding, and had my three children baptized into the Catholic faith.  I didn’t eat meat on Fridays during Lent, I gave my contribution every week, and I taught CCD on Wednesday nights.  And almost every Sunday, I went to mass.

  • » In the Stars with the Angels
    She has found her voice.  Riley is almost two years old and has already drawn some pretty amazing conclusions about what the big world is all about.  She recently talked with me about resurrection.  I’m not kidding.

  • » Turned My Back on God
    I turned my back on God when I was fourteen. I never even thought about belief or faith unless I was sneering at someone who claimed to be a Christian. I thought that science and rationalism, humanism and philosophy were good enough. I thought this way for years and years. I wish I could take it all back now, but I can't.

  • » The Measure of An Unnamed Man
    I once worked for a gentleman who will remain unnamed. A soldier in World War II, he had experienced many adventures and had amazing stories to share. My favorite tales were about his duty in Africa and courting his soon-to-be wife, who was a nurse in the service at the same time as he. He made everyone feel good just by being in the same room with him. He was calm and peaceful, never boisterous.

  • » Ministry as an Adventure
    There’s something about ministering to different people of different cultures, principles in life, views of things, convictions and the like, in a different language that’s not my native tongue. Somehow I needed—and still need—to learn a lot of things to be efficient in the ministry to which God has called me.

  • » Lay Youth Minister
    Although my father made the majority of my decisions, neither of my parents boxed me into a way of thinking. I am pleased when I look back on that because it certainly set the tone for a journey that continues to take me to new places, both comfortable and uncomfortable.

  • » Bivocational Priest
    Like any form of ministry, bivocational ordained ministry is not definable as one particular “thing.”  Just as ice cream comes in many different flavors, it is possible to conceive of nearly any combination of vocations.  My experience as a physician and priest is offered as one particular example, but through this example I hope to provide a more detailed interpretation.

  • » Evangelical Women
    I don't mind labels when it comes to discussing where Christians fall on certain questions and issues, as long as everyone is clear that a person is more than a label, and even an opinion cannot be defined by the label put on it.

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