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A Spiritual Surprise
Faith Story

My husband and I were not "church goers." As a matter of fact, during the nine years we had been married, we had only been to church once. That's not to say that we hadn't been individually raised with some sort of notion of God. He had converted to Catholicism earlier in life and I spent my time in a variety of different churches. We just hadn’t been Christians or worshiped together.

Then, early in 2003, we simultaneously, yet separately, received a message from God. There is no other way to put it. We both just began talking about our need to find a church home. This was during a particularly low point in our marriage. Our daughter was going through some very traumatic times and, as many parents can relate, the only thing that kept us from going off the deep end was the fact that “prison is a lonely place”. So, we began to shop around, literally, for a church. We attended various churches trying to find the one where he, his mother, and I could all feel comfortable. We had attended one Roman Catholic mass (earlier in our marriage), but I was put off by my perception of its highly political nature. Other churches just didn't seem to do the trick.

Then, one Sunday, we decided to visit Christ Episcopal Church. It was magical. The minute I walked in the door I felt something different. As we went to a pew with the program in hand, I felt some trepidation. Everything looked so awe inspiring. I was just a normal person. How could I possibly fit in here? Then the service started. I had no clue what to do. When do you stand? When do you kneel? Was I supposed to respond just then? Yet through it all, I kept feeling that I was supposed to be there. Then came communion. As I approached the rail, I kept a close eye on my husband. I had never taken communion before and didn't have a clue. I cried during the first communion, something that I still occasionally do. After services, we wandered out to the parish hall. There we were greeted by smiling faces and sincere wishes that we return. No one was overbearing and I didn't feel like I was being pressured to return, only invited.

Three years later, I still get that magical feeling as I walk through those doors. God has touched me and I know this is the place for me to be. My journey to God is still in its infancy, but each day with the support of the wonderful children of God that surround me, I will someday be there.

Kelly Taylor attends Christ Episocopal Church in Bowling Green, KY.

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