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Older Adult Formation

Welcome to the Older Adult Formation with links, downloadable resources, and programs specifically geared toward Episcopalians age 68 and older. 

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Task Force for Older Adult Ministry (OAM)
Dedicated to the work of the Episcopal Task Force for Older Adult Ministry (OAM), with the latest news on resolutions before council, and their most current activities and resources

What's Going on in Your Diocese?
A guide to Episcopal dioceses that describe their best practices, most useful resources, and upcoming events for older adults

Caring for Caregivers
Resources for caregivers and remote caregivers

Intergenerational Activities
Interviews of older adults submitted by young people, and interviews of young people submitted by older adults (Download a template and submit an interview!)

Recommended Reading and Viewing
Books, articles, and films that focus on older adult issues, with summaries and reader reviews

Resource Links
Additional online resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about programming or resources for older adult formation, please contact:

Ruth-Ann Collins
Associate Program Officer, Adult Formation
The Epicopal Church Center
815 2nd Avenue
New York, NY  10017
(800) 334-7626, ext. 6051



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