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Because racism has existed for centuries, many of us are completely unaware that our everyday thoughts, perceptions and actions are influenced by a history of racism in our society and church. Many people say, "But I'm not a racist!" and in many ways they are right. Most of us would never consciously do or say anything prejudicial or discriminating. Many of us, though, have experienced the embarrassment of saying something without knowing it would be offensive. We don't realize the subtly racist attitudes that most of us learn in life simply because of where we live and what we watch on television until someone points them out to us.

So what can you do to increase your awareness of the racism around you?

  • Attend antiracism training workshops
  • Commit yourself to being a multiculturally-competent person resisting racism
  • Challenge prejudice, intolerance and racism in the church and the community wherever it exists
  • Join the Antiracism Committee in your parish or diocese
  • Join with other denominations and faith traditions to dismantle institutional and systemic racism
  • See the connection between racism and other forms of oppression
  • Read and share articles, books and publications on racism and related oppressions to sustain you on your journey

Encourage your diocesan and/or provincial leadership to:

  • Establish Provincial Antiracism Networks and Training for Trainers
  • Develop a diocesan workbook of best practices and strategies for community building
  • Share and develop training resources with the Ecumenical Antiracism Partners Network

Working together for justice.

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Antiracism Training Manual: "Seeing the Face of God in Each Other"


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