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Becoming a Fully Antiracist Church

Becoming a fully antiracist church requires the attention and efforts of each one of us. Rigorous self-examination of our individual and collective thoughts, perceptions and actions is necessary for change. In order to reach this goal, we each must:

  • acknowledge that our actions and the actions of our institutions perpetuate misery, oppression and marginalization of poor people, people of color, gays and lesbians, and women and children;
  • counteract our patterns of unawareness of oppression, violence, exclusion, and fear of the other;
  • examine those structures and institutions that keep us separated and deny equal access and opportunity.

Once our eyes are opened to the complexities of racism in our church and society, we focus on systematic change to eliminate racism on an institutional level. We must:

  • develop a vision of what we hope to become;
  • eliminate all of our exclusionary practices and policies;
  • develop strategies to overcome the forces that divide us.

Only through self-examination, awareness, acknowledgement, and true work to eliminate racism can we become a fully antiracist church, welcoming and including all equally.

Working together for justice.

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Antiracism Training Manual: "Seeing the Face of God in Each Other"


Why Serve 2012
6/6/2012  - 6/10/2012    - Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA

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