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Province VI - Mary Stockum


I'm Mary, a music education major at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Coming to college and realizing that I was in a new transition of life really gave meaning to my personal faith. The choice to pick what I wanted to be involved in and who I wanted to surround myself with was something that led me down a type of new beginning with God and the opportunities that He has in store. I chose to join Campus Ambassadors and attended Saint Aidans Episcopal Church. I quickly found that these communities supported my spiritual journey and made me feel closer to Christ than ever before. In addition to my spiritual quest, I am a serious music student with a passion for playing the viola. Music gives me joy and fulfillment and connecting with other musicians by playing in orchestra together or just sharing our love of music is truly enriching. When I'm not practicing or rehearsing, I enjoy going to yoga or just sipping hot tea. I hope to build lasting friendships with other students that are looking to be positive role models in our communities and the world. Also a hope to make a difference in the lives of others by serving and showing God's love!


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Why Serve 2012
6/6/2012  - 6/10/2012    - Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA

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