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Children's Ministries

Children are innately spiritual.  Given the opportunity, their lively and passionate expressions of faith can help transform the church.

The Children’s Ministries Office seeks to:

  • Engage children in the exploration of their own ministries
  • Provide imaginative innovative resources for those who work with and for children
  • Encourage the church to listen to the prophetic voices of children

Episcopal Generations Blog
New blog devoted to Christian formation in all age groups

Children and Advocacy
The church is called to love, shelter, protect and defend children within its own community and the world, especially those who are abused, neglected or in danger.

Children and Learning
The church is called to proclaim the Gospel to children, in ways that empower them to receive and respond to God’s love.

Children and Spirituality
The church is called to include children as members and full participants in the Eucharistic community and in the church’s common life of prayer, witness and service.

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