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The Cochel family originally gave a working farm in Missouri called Roan ridge to the Episcopal Church to provide a unique setting in which Episcopal clergy, seminarians, and lay people could develop an understanding of farming operations and rural community structure. Through educational programs such as conferences, seminars, and institutes, the non-profit corporation that managed Roanridge sought to help Episcopal clergy and laity better serve communities m rural and small-town America. The farm was eventually sold and the Roanridge Trust was established.


The interest generated from the Roanridge Trust is specifically to be used for the training of town and country clergy and rural Christian workers of the Episcopal Church.


The Roanridge Trust generates approximately $200,000 in funds to be distributed each year.


The Roanridge Trust is administered by the Program Officer for Congregational Vitality at the Episcopal Church Center.


The Office of Congregational Vitality will provide oversight of the Roanridge Trust distribution through the following activities:

1. Openly invite the application of any organization (established or new), diocese, and/or congregation providing training to town and country clergy and rural Christian workers within the Episcopal Church. To be considered for funding, please complete the attached cover page and application form and submit it as directed. Center Directors from the Episcopal Church Center will serve as readers, reviewing and scoring all completed applications, and submitting their recommendations to the Office of Congregational Vitality.

2. It is anticipated that 10 to 15 training programs will receive awards each calendar year. Program funding will be for twelve months (e.g., January 2012 through December 2012) with payments made on a quarterly basis.

3. Applicants selected will commit to sharing their training program in its entirety, with the results and evaluations in an electronic, uploadable format posted on http://episcopalchurch.org/ so that it may be used by other groups within the Episcopal Church. Further, selected applicants agree to identify and list a contact person to be posted with the program.

4. Applicants selected agree to collect quantitative participant data and to complete all required reports by the deadlines provided. This information may include some or all of the following:

a. Number and geographic location of participants taking part in the training

b. Quantitative and qualitative measures of vitality in the congregations where the participants serve, both before the program, immediately after, and one year later

c. Evaluations completed by participants

1. The Office of Congregational Vitality will work with selected applicants as desired.

2. Applicants selected agree to acknowledge their receipt of funds in the following way: This training was made possible in full/in part by funds from the Roanridge Trust, administered through the Office of Congregational Vitality of the Episcopal Church Center, 815 2nd Ave., New York, NY 10017 

Those that target Episcopal Church leaders serving (or preparing to serve) in rural and small-town settings. The Faith Communities Today: 2005 survey, a cooperative congregational study sponsored by the Hartford Seminary, defines rural and small-town communities as those with a population of 2,500 or less. Larger towns and small cities are defined as having stipulation of 2,500 to 50,000.

Those that seek to increase the participants. Christian ministry within the Episcopal Church  Those that offer the greatest degree of transferability for others to use as training in different locations.

Those applying for a Roanridge Trust grant for the first time for Those that seek to ultimately further the mission of the Episcopal Church in the world


A summer internship training program for seminarians who to serve a rural community.

A ministry-development training program for rural leaders comparatively explores ministry alternatives to the one priest/one-parish model A training program designed to address the needs of congregations to change to meet new challenges. This program would specifically address rural congregations

A training program designed to help rural congregations further the Millennial Development Goals as set forth at General Convention 2006.

A training program that equips leaders to develop a congregation ability to state and live with a clear sense of mission and purpose.

A training program that equips leaders to increase spiritual vitality and life in rural congregations.

A training program offering different groups of rural church

Headers different trainings (Appreciative Inquiry, Asset-Mapping, purpose-based curriculum, etc.) that compares the results quantitatively


Operating budget for ongoing programs


Any organization, diocese, group of congregations, single congregation or individual that provides training for town and country clergy and rural Christian workers of the Episcopal Church.

Any organization, diocese, group of congregations, single congregation or individual that provides training designed to better equip the participants for effective Christian ministry within the Episcopal Church.

Any organization, diocese, group of congregations, single congregation or individual actively serving in some form of Christian ministry in the Episcopal Church.


All completed applications must be received by the Office of Congregational Vitality dated no sooner than June 1, 2011 and no later than September 1, 2011. Applications should be mailed to:

Bob Honeychurch
The Episcopal Church Center
840 Echo Park Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90026

Upon receipt, each application will be reviewed to ensure that it is complete. It will then be distributed to the Center Directors at the Episcopal Church Center, who will evaluate it using a point system. Funds will be awarded to those applicants receiving the highest numeric rating. The Evangelism and Congregational Life Center will send a letter to all applicants no later than November 15, 2011. The letter will include a list of those receiving funds and comments made by the readers regarding particular applicants. 

Roanridge Trust Award Application 2012
Fondo Roanridge Solicitud de Adjudicación 2012
El fideicomiso Roanridge
Roanridge Grant 2010 Recipients


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