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The Orthodox Church is the oldest official dialogue partner of the Episcopal Church, with contacts dating back to 1862. The Church is involved in dialogues with the Orthodox Churches on several levels. It participates in the International Anglican-Orthodox dialogue, established in the 1960s, which operates through the Anglican Communion Office. In addition the Episcopal Church and the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the USA (which comprises the Greek, Russian, Syrian, Serbian, and other Orthodox Churches) both agreed to renew a local North American dialogue in 1991.

Dialogues between the Oriental Orthodox and Anglican Churches began officially in the mid-1980's; in 1991 the Episcopal General Convention called for parallel dialogues in the USA. Furthermore, in 1989 a special relationship was started between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Episcopal Church, focusing on theological dialogue and areas of practical cooperation.

Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue - EIR Handbook

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