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The Interfaith Center
The Interfaith Center of New York is a secular, non-profit educational organization. Our goal is to create understanding and respect among the different religious groups of New York City as well as to encourage members of all faiths to get involved in civic participation. We seek to help solve social issues in the fields of education, the legal system, social work, culture and the arts.

National Association of InterChurch and Interfaith Families
The National Association of InterChurch and Interfaith Families is dedicated to serving the needs of both InterChurch and Interfaith families. We know that there are some obvious differences between InterChurch couples (people from different Christian traditions) and Interfaith couples (people from different faith traditions).

Interfaith Youth Core
Interfaith Youth Core seeks to build a movement that encourages religious young people to strengthen their religious identities, foster inter-religious understanding and cooperate to serve the common good.

Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel
Religions for Peace - USA
The Interfaith Alliance
United Religions Initiative
The Pluralism Project at Harvard University


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