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Environmental Justice

Personal and Congregational Action

Action and advocacy often begin at the local level in the congregation. Communities can come together to work and advocate for an issue affecting their area while also building and strengthening relationships. Read about how congregations around the country have put their faith into action.

Working together for justice.

Personal and Congregational Action

1979-D029 Give Priority to Educating Congregations on Energy and the Environment
1979-D144 Call Upon Members to Exercise a Responsible Life Style
1991-D041 Implement 1988 Lambeth Resolution No.040 on the Environment
1991-D087 Seek to Reduce the Use of Paper
1994–A044 Adopt Environmentally Sound Practices at Church Meetings
1997-A041 Reaffirm Resolution on Environmentally Sound Behavior
2003-C026 Reduce the Use of Toxic Chemicals
2003-D066 Endorse ACC Resolutions on the Environment
2006-C018 Recognize Global Warming and Reaffirm Church's Environmental Responsibility
EXC022008.42 Calculating Carbon Footprint
EXC031990.01 Resources on Stewardship of Creation

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