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Environmental Justice

Environmental Racism

The dumping of toxic wastes and hazardous chemicals in areas with large populations of people of color is known as environmental racism. The Church strenuously opposes this and directs its Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility to screen its portfolio so that investments are made in companies that exercise responsible corporate behavior.  We also oppose the use of other countries as dumping grounds for waste. Part of respecting the dignity of other people means not exposing them to health risks.

Working together for justice.

Environmental Racism

1991-B011 Urge Awareness of Anglican Primates' Statement on the Middle East
1991-B044 Oppose Use of Foreign Countries as Dumping Places for Waste
1994-A042 Encourage Church Investment Strategy on Hazardous Chemicals
2000-D005 Oppose Environmental Racism
2003-D006 Endorse UN Millennium Development Goals
2006-B002 Acknowledge and Reduce Global Warming
2006-D022 Establish the Millennium Development Goals as a Mission Priority
EXC022008.42 Calculating Carbon Footprint

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