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Environmental Justice


Responsible energy use reaches far beyond our homes and churches. It has an impact on our global brothers and sisters, other creatures, and the Earth. As we advocate for ways to address climate change, we are seeking domestic and international adaptation assistance to help those at home and around the world cope with the impacts of climate change for which they are least responsible. Read below to learn how Episcopalians demonstrate their commitment to safe, clean and just energy policies.

Working together for justice.


1979-D029 Give Priority to Educating Congregations on Energy and the Environment
1991-D125 Oppose Oil Development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
1994–A044 Adopt Environmentally Sound Practices at Church Meetings
2000-A048 Encourage Consideration of the Environment When Choosing Electric Energy Supplier
2006-C018 Recognize Global Warming and Reaffirm Church's Environmental Responsibility
EXC022002.20 Support for Conservation Based Legislation

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