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Environmental Justice


As stewards of God’s creation, it is our duty to preserve the beauty, diversity and resources of our planet. We must recognize and act on our responsibilites in a world of dwindling resources. Conservation policy addresses the need to protect natural habitats, preserve our water resources and remember the other creatures that also call this world home. Conservation is a critical part of our efforts to reduce global warming at home and abroad.

Working together for justice.


1991-D124 Support Reauthorization of the Endangered Species Act in 1991
1991-D125 Oppose Oil Development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
1991-D144 Support Structural Reforms to Alleviate Poverty in Brazil
2000-C034 Increase Awareness of Social and Economic Problems of Farmers and Rural Areas
2003-D016 Support Ethical Care of Animals
2003-D046 Urge Stewardship of Water Resources
2003-D070 Work for a Clean Water Policy
EXC022002.20 Support for Conservation Based Legislation
EXC111989.26 Support for Environmental Principles

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