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Environmental Justice


Our faith calls us to consider the impact of our present actions on future generations, other creatures, and the Earth. Sustainability provides for the current generation while ensuring adaquate resources for the future. It can take many forms, from energy and transportation to green technology. Learn more about the Episcopal Church’s efforts towards sustainability and become a leader in your faith community and family.

Working together for justice.


1979-D029 Give Priority to Educating Congregations on Energy and the Environment
1979-D144 Call Upon Members to Exercise a Responsible Life Style
1991-D041 Implement 1988 Lambeth Resolution No.040 on the Environment
1994–A044 Adopt Environmentally Sound Practices at Church Meetings
1994-D009 Reaffirm Family Planning and Control of Global Population Growth
1997-D015 Reaffirm the Goals of Jubilee Year 2000
2000-C034 Increase Awareness of Social and Economic Problems of Farmers and Rural Areas
2003-C036 Provide the Church with Information About Food Source Issues
2003-D006 Endorse UN Millennium Development Goals
2003-D046 Urge Stewardship of Water Resources
2006-C018 Recognize Global Warming and Reaffirm Church's Environmental Responsibility
2006-D022 Establish the Millennium Development Goals as a Mission Priority
EXC021995.07 Guiding Principles for Governmental Legislation
EXC022008.42 Calculating Carbon Footprint
EXC061990.37 Support for a DFMS Policy on Sustainable Development
EXC111989.26 Support for Environmental Principles

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