Mission Center: Mission Leadership

Communications by Type

Bulletin Inserts
Weekly Bulletin inserts are meant as a teaching tool. These inserts can be used at any time and will give your congregants information about the Episcopal Church and its mission and ministry.

Education/Background Materials
Educational and background materials provide additional information on important issues such as blood diamonds, agricultural policy and Medicare. They can be used by congregations during special events or by any advocate wishing to learn more about a subject.

Prayer is always an important part of advocacy. Many of these prayer resources were written for a specific issue. They may be used during a weekly service to draw attention to an issue or during a special prayer event.

Parish Resources
These are materials that can be used in a Parish or group setting. Parish resources provide in-depth information and materials to congregations.

Coalition Letters
Our call for peace, justice, and reconciliation are often stronger when they are joined with others. We regularly collaborate with other faith-based or non-profit organizations on coalition letters to government leaders on important national and international issues.

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