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Over the years we have expressed our solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Africa through mission service, funding partnerships, emergency response, and public policy advocacy. We have used multiple avenues to end apartheid in South Africa, persecution in Sudan, and war in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Central to our public policy advocacy has been our efforts to bring relief to heavily indebted countries in order to free up funds for education and health care work and our commitment to the Millennium Developments Goals to fight poverty that kills as well as HIV/AIDS and malaria. Bring your voice to new efforts toward justice and peace in Africa.

Working together for justice.

[10/17/2011]  Everyone, Everywhere: Jesus is found in mission, not outreach
[8/30/2011]  Visalia native's agricultural missionary work helps people in Liberia, Sudan
[8/30/2011]  Church council sends peace teams to South Sudan
[8/15/2011]  Wisconsin church hopes to bless Kenya village with water
[8/10/2011]  As drought situation worsens, church leaders launch 'Call to Action' in the Horn of Africa
[8/2/2011]  A church in exile: Zimbabwe's Anglicans resilient amid ongoing intimidation from Mugabe's oppressors
[8/1/2011]  New York priest heading to Tanzania to help kids
[7/29/2011]  Archbishop of Canterbury calls for action, advocacy for Horn of Africa's drought victims
[7/28/2011]  St. Peter’s members to build home of love for orphaned South Africans
[7/27/2011]  In Zambia, Episcopal Relief & Development builds on success of malaria-prevention work
[7/25/2011]  Congo's victims of war, disease find solace and healing in Anglican church
[7/10/2011]  South Sudan Episcopalians celebrate birth of their new nation
[7/9/2011]  Bishop Wolf heads to D.C. to solicit support for South Sudan
[6/22/2011]  Presiding bishop calls for increased investment in food security as G20 agricultural ministers meet
[6/20/2011]  Sudan: Peace, prayer, partnerships are priorities for American Friends
[6/9/2011]  African faith leaders call for action on climate change
[6/8/2011]  Sudan violence 'grave concern'
[5/25/2011]  Sudan's disputed Abyei region descends into chaos amid calls for ongoing advocacy
[5/23/2011]  Driven to bring dignity to lives in Ghana
[5/17/2011]  Sudanese churches step up peace efforts ahead of independence
[5/12/2011]  Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill Must Be Stopped
[4/25/2011]  Changing the fight against ever-changing malaria
[4/7/2011]  Church leaders, relief and development official issue a statement on malaria
[4/6/2011]  Minnesota church helps save African kids
[4/4/2011]  VIDEO: Building a new nation: Episcopal Church of Sudan looks to the future
[4/4/2011]  Twelve women graduate from African vocational programs
[3/31/2011]  TEXAS: Boy Scout leads church in malaria net project
[3/24/2011]  Sudanese refugees find faith in the future (video)
[3/23/2011]  Episcopalians hope to bring water to African village
[3/23/2011]  Minnesota churches help with malaria prevention in Africa
[3/21/2011]  'Just War' and the Intervention in Libya
[3/18/2011]  Austin church raising funds to send mosquito nets to Africa
[3/11/2011]  VIDEO: In Uganda, retired bishop stands with the marginalized
[2/17/2011]  Executive Council gets update on Haiti, NetsforLife Inspiration Fund
[2/7/2011]  Healthy Scholars build appetite for eradicating extreme poverty
[2/4/2011]  In Uganda and America: words matter
[2/1/2011]  U.S. Religious Leaders Urge National Prayer Breakfast to Pray for Slain Gay Rights Activist
[1/31/2011]  David Kato's Anglican funeral: A tale of two churches
[1/21/2011]  Church in North Carolina Tackling Malaria Disease
[1/10/2011]  Millions take to the polls in Sudan's historic referendum; clashes in Abyei claim lives
[1/6/2011]  Chicago Episcopalians capture spirit of Sudan through video, images, music
[1/6/2011]  Sudanese Bishop Joseph Garang speaks about the referendum and international partnerships
[1/5/2011]  Prayers for Peace in Sudan: Friday Vigil, Weekend of Prayer/Fasting preparing for January 9 referendum

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