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Over the years we have expressed our solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Africa through mission service, funding partnerships, emergency response, and public policy advocacy. We have used multiple avenues to end apartheid in South Africa, persecution in Sudan, and war in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Central to our public policy advocacy has been our efforts to bring relief to heavily indebted countries in order to free up funds for education and health care work and our commitment to the Millennium Developments Goals to fight poverty that kills as well as HIV/AIDS and malaria. Bring your voice to new efforts toward justice and peace in Africa.

Working together for justice.

[10/17/2011]  Everyone, Everywhere: Jesus is found in mission, not outreach
In late 2007 the Rev. Zach Drennen, at the time working as a teacher and chaplain at a school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, decided to take a three-month, self-funded sabbatical. But rather than hike the Appalachian Trail or climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Drennen, who was ordained an Episcopal priest in 2002, decided to spend some time with long-time missionaries

[8/30/2011]  Visalia native's agricultural missionary work helps people in Liberia, Sudan
[Visalia (CA) Times-Delta] When Robin Denney was just a tiny tot, members of the St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Visalia, California, didn't know what the future had in store for her, and today they are inspired by what the 30-year-old has done with her life.

[8/30/2011]  Church council sends peace teams to South Sudan
The Sudan Council of Churches has dispatched peace teams to calm regions of Jonglei state in South Sudan, where humanitarian agencies say hundreds have died and more than 26,000 people have been displaced in inter-ethnic fighting.

[8/15/2011]  Wisconsin church hopes to bless Kenya village with water
[La Crosse (WI) Tribune] Water is easily taken for granted in a country where it flows freely from faucets and water fountains. That isn't the case in Kenya, a country struggling to cope with an influx of refugees, all hungry and all thirsty. Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin, is trying to raise $23,000 for a well and is about halfway to its goal.

[8/10/2011]  As drought situation worsens, church leaders launch 'Call to Action' in the Horn of Africa
In Somalia, 3.2 million people -- by some estimates almost half the East African country's population -- are in need of "immediate life-saving assistance" and another 11 million in the Horn of Africa have been affected by the region's worst drought in 60 years, according to news reports and the United Nations.

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