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Arms Control and Militarism

The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in recent decades has motivated Episcopalians to work for bans, controls and reductions through advocacy with every Congress and Administration. Likewise, we have supported church partners in Japan, Korea, the Middle East and Central America who have sought to demilitarize their regions.

Working together for justice.

[5/20/2011]  Faith-based groups condemn WI concealed weapons legislation
[Milwaukee (WI) Journal Sentinal] Two Milwaukee-area faith-based groups on Friday voiced their opposition to legislation, now pending in Wisconsin, that would allow the carrying of concealed weapons in public. They at least want colleges and worship sites exempted from the bill.

[5/14/2011]  The Rt. Rev. Steven A. Miller: Concealed weapons will increase culture of fear
[Madison.com (WI)] Christians serve God, who has promised in the Scriptures to turn weapons of war into tools of agriculture. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin with its rich agricultural industry, we seem to be going the other way.

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