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Criminal Justice

Our faith calls on us to treat every person with dignity, including those in our prisons, halfways homes, and detention centers.  Oftentimes, these are the individuals most in need of dignity and compassion.  The prison system can be a painful and damaging process for an inmate and his or her family.  Working with interfaith ministries and government officials, Episcopalians minister to inmates and their families, assist those on parole, and call for reform not only of the prison system but in the criminal system as well.

Working together for justice.

[7/14/2011]  New facility offers women a ‘Clean Slate’
[Macon County (NC) News] All too often, women in Western North Carolina who have done time for making a mistake in life find that they have no place to go upon their release from jail. Luckily there is now a positive destination for such women.

[6/21/2011]  Seeing Jesus in the Face of the Condemned
[Huffington Post] The face of a human being demands something of you, forces you to grapple with its individuality and complexity. A face has a history, with scars visible and invisible. It is harder to condemn someone once you've seen their face, harder to look away from the pain in their eyes.

[6/14/2011]  MASSACHUSETTS: Church makes impact through community mission, presiding bishop tells Episcopal City Mission
Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori joined 560 Episcopalians in the Diocese of Massachusetts on June 7 to celebrate the work of Episcopal City Mission, encouraging them in her keynote address to both pray and "work like hell" for a world where no one goes hungry, illness is answered with healing and all are free to live in peace

[5/5/2011]  Spencer on MRLC, death penalty
[The Northside Sun (MS)] The Rev. Carol Borne Spencer, coordinator of outreach and mission and a deacon at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral in Jackson, Mississippi, and chair of the Mississippi Religious Leadership Conference (MRLC), speaks about a statement made by herself and other MRLC members against the death penalty.

[4/6/2011]  State's Religious Leaders: End the Death Penalty
[North Branford (CT) Patch] Dozens of religious leaders rallied in Hartford, Connecticut, to advocate the abolition of the state's capital punishment law.

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