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Economic Development and Responsible Investing

Read the resolutions below and learn about the church’s Social Responsibility in Investments Committee for insights into how The Episcopal Church has put values and ethics into action – urging divestment and boycotts to help end apartheid in South Africa; and urging corporate investments, micro-credit initiatives and a halt to embargos to restore economies from Asia to Latin America. We also advocate for government policy to increase development assistance, fair trade, and debt relief.

Working together for justice.

[10/21/2011]  Mission Report: St. Thomas Episcopal to Haiti
[Huntsville (AL) Times] A four-member team from St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Huntsville, Alabama, conducted a weeklong construction mission at St. Simeon Episcopal Church in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti, last month. Team members joined with six local carpenters to form a joint Haitian-American construction crew to build school desks and benches for three Episcopal schools.

[7/29/2011]  Archbishop of Canterbury calls for action, advocacy for Horn of Africa's drought victims
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has called for Anglicans to both donate to agencies attempting to help the victims of drought in the Horn of Africa and to "call upon their own governments to respond to the U.N. appeals -- to respond immediately and generously."

[7/28/2011]  St. Peter’s members to build home of love for orphaned South Africans
[Washington Post] Twenty-seven members of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Arlington County, Virginia, are traveling to South Africa on a community-building mission to support children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.

[4/18/2011]  Iowa churches embrace 'green' Palm Sunday
[Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier] At St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the Palm Sunday celebration is also an opportunity to practice stewardship and social justice. The parish purchases Chamaedorea palms through Eco-Palms, a project that promotes sustainable harvesting practices and fair wages for harvesters.

[4/4/2011]  VIDEO: Building a new nation: Episcopal Church of Sudan looks to the future
[Episcopal News Service] It's a new day in South Sudan and Bishop Enock Tombe has a vision - to build a just and sustainable future for his community in the Diocese of Rejaf.

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