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Health Care and Medical Ethics

The Episcopal Church has used its voice to speak out against the inequities in our health care system and has a long-standing commitment to universal health care. We fully support the need for quality health care and its availability throughout the country, so that no region or population, such as Native Americans, is underserved. We continue to advocate for those suffering from HIV/AIDS and their medical and pastoral needs.

Working together for justice.

[11/2/2011]  Lusby church brings school nurse to Haiti
[10/28/2011]  TEXAS: Calvary Church and Dreyer's plant community fruit orchard
[10/21/2011]  Utah churches tackle a weighty issue: Obesity
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[7/30/2011]  Blessing recognizes Rochester's health community and diversity
[7/27/2011]  In Zambia, Episcopal Relief & Development builds on success of malaria-prevention work
[6/21/2011]  Episcopal priest and former Vietnam POW helps veterans
[6/14/2011]  Minnesota breakfast program aims to serve home-cooked food of local origins and connect the community
[5/25/2011]  Bishops to Senate GOP: Don't Vote For 'Morally Indefensible' Ryan Budget
[5/4/2011]  Medical mission to Haiti alleviates suffering
[5/2/2011]  New wellness clinic to be dedicated in Naco, Sonora: Annual procession to take place
[1/27/2011]  Recovery Sunday on Jan. 30 will celebrate healing
[1/27/2011]  U.S. Health Secretary, religious leaders discuss health care reform's early implementation
[1/14/2011]  Reno dentists take to Belize to help children
[1/3/2011]  Parish nurses help heal the whole person in body, mind and spirit

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