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The statistics for HIV/AIDS both at home and abroad are devastating. However, HIV/AIDS does not appear in someone’s life as a statistic or percentage; it comes as the infected mother who inadvertently passes the virus to her children, as the orphan who has lost both parents, or as the confused adolescent struggling to survive. These, whether in Washington, DC or South Africa, are the faces of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Church through its public policy advocacy and with the National Episcopal AIDS Coalition has taken many steps to address this devestating epidemic. With faith, we can make a difference.

Working together for justice.

[8/22/2011]  Seattle AIDS Memorial Commemorates 30 Years of Sorrow, Comfort and Hope
[Sacramento Bee] Subtitled "30 Years of Sorrow, Comfort and Hope," the Seattle AIDS Memorial hosted at St. Mark's Cathedral commemorates the 30th anniversary of the first HIV/AIDS diagnosis as well as the 25th anniversary of the first AIDS Walk in Seattle. The event, which is free and open to all, offers a multi-faith observance through readings and song.

[7/28/2011]  St. Peter’s members to build home of love for orphaned South Africans
[Washington Post] Twenty-seven members of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Arlington County, Virginia, are traveling to South Africa on a community-building mission to support children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.

[6/14/2011]  Religious leaders assess UN AIDS declaration
Religious leaders and representatives of faith-based organizations are giving generally high marks to a United Nations AIDS meeting that set new targets to combat the continued spread of HIV/AIDS.

[5/14/2011]  Christ Church outreach earns recognition
[Staten Island (NY) Advance] For more than 10 years, Christ Church New Brighton, on Staten Island in New York City, has been a Project Hospitality shelter, providing a place to sleep for 12 to 15 homeless men, among several other outreach ministries to assist their community.

[5/12/2011]  Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill Must Be Stopped
[Huffington Post] The Ugandan Parliament is set to pass a number of laws against gays and lesbians so draconian that the entire population of that country will feel the effects.

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