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Human Rights and Religious Freedom

Our baptismal covenant calls us to “respect the dignity of every human being.” Our church partners around the world know they can count on us to stand with them as they seek relief from persecution or justice for oppressed minorities. Even as we Episcopalians build awareness in our own churches, we seek to bring the plight of others to our nation’s lawmakers. Review the record below, listen to your heart, and discern where in the world God’s people are calling for your prayers and support.

Working together for justice.

[3/24/2011]  Remembering Oscar Romero, continuing his human rights work
I came to El Salvador in 2005 as a recent college graduate on a vocational pilgrimage with an academic interest in foreign policy and a desire to gain experience in human rights work. In my personal quest to understand human rights in El Salvador, the palpable and ongoing witness of El Salvador's martyred archbishop, Oscar Romero, quickly captivated me

[3/21/2011]  'Just War' and the Intervention in Libya
[Huffington Post] The world watches Libya and worries, and for weeks the churches have been praying for her people. Does the international community have the right to intervene in such a situation?

[2/5/2011]  Bishop Michael Vono: 'Discarded people' lost a voice in Uganda murder
[Santa Fe New Mexican] The murder of David Kato, Ugandan gay rights advocate, among others around the world, are a seamless pattern of irrational hatred, violence and injustice. We, as Episcopal Anglicans, believe in our baptismal promise "to strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being."

[2/1/2011]  U.S. Religious Leaders Urge National Prayer Breakfast to Pray for Slain Gay Rights Activist
[Sacramento (CA) Bee] Key religious leaders, led by the Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson, are calling for "A Prayer for David Kato" to honor the Ugandan gay rights activist who was killed last week, amidst a storm of anti-gay sentiment in his country.

[1/31/2011]  Anglican leaders condemn victimisation of gays and lesbians
[The Guardian (UK)] Anglican leaders from around the world reiterated their opposition to the "victimisation or diminishment" of gays and lesbians, saying demonizing and persecuting them was "totally against Christian charity and basic principles of pastoral care".

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