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Human Sexuality

Too often, young people and adults hide their questions and feelings about sexuality, concerned that this topic is unacceptable. On the contrary, the Episcopal Church believes that human sexuality is a gift from God. The Church recognizes and celebrates marriages that incorporate respect, communication, and fidelity. It also encourages conversations among young people about sexuality and sexual abstinence. Characterizing human sexuality as a ‘forbidden’ subject stifles constructive dialogue and may encourage abusive or dangerous behavior. Please join the Episcopal Church in this important mission.

Working together for justice.

[10/31/2011]  Episcopal Church in Minn. passes resolution opposing marriage amendment
[10/17/2011]  Standing Commission agrees to ask convention for trial use of same-gender blessing rite
[9/12/2011]  Retired Iowa Bishop Walter Righter dies
[9/10/2011]  Hundreds of Clergy and Faith Leaders From Across North Carolina Call on General Assembly to Oppose Anti-LGBT Amendment
[7/24/2011]  Churches hold anti-violence vigil on Chicago's Halsted strip
[7/18/2011]  CT's Progressive Legislation Inspires Episcopal Bishop's Call for Action
[7/18/2011]  True to Episcopal Church’s Past, Bishops Split on Gay Weddings
[6/27/2011]  Halleluja! St. Louis Clergy, congregations join in celebration of Pridefest
[6/27/2011]  Majority of New York bishops praise state passage of same-gender marriage
[6/16/2011]  Episcopal Bishop Michael Hanley will march in Portland's Gay Pride parade
[6/15/2011]  Full Marriage Equality in New York: A Clergy Perspective
[6/14/2011]  Local Clergy Show Support for Marriage Equality
[6/8/2011]  Photo: Gay pride flag raising at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Oakland, California
[6/8/2011]  SAN JOAQUIN: Bishop authorizes same-gender blessings
[6/7/2011]  Episcopal Church to perform same gender union blessings
[6/1/2011]  Illinois churches opening doors to same-sex unions
[6/1/2011]  CANADA: Same-sex blessings get the nod in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
[5/17/2011]  BRAZIL: Primate welcomes Supreme Court's decision to recognize same-sex unions
[5/12/2011]  Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill Must Be Stopped
[4/11/2011]  Retired Uganda bishop speaks at UN, calls for global decriminalization of homosexuality
[4/5/2011]  Religious leaders revive bid to pass transgender bill in Massachusetts
[3/25/2011]  Army begins training chaplains on new 'don't ask' policy
[3/21/2011]  Deputies leave historic meeting eager to discuss same-gender blessings with wider church
[3/21/2011]  SCLM’s Rite in Progress: ‘The Outline of Marriage’?
[3/18/2011]  Deputies gather for historic consultation on same-gender blessings
[3/16/2011]  Faith-based march for marriage equality and independent judiciary in Iowa
[3/16/2011]  Openly gay bishop talks big issues in the LGBT movement
[3/11/2011]  VIDEO: In Uganda, retired bishop stands with the marginalized
[2/17/2011]  Marriage licenses shredded in protest
[2/5/2011]  Bishop Michael Vono: 'Discarded people' lost a voice in Uganda murder
[2/4/2011]  In Uganda and America: words matter
[2/1/2011]  U.S. Religious Leaders Urge National Prayer Breakfast to Pray for Slain Gay Rights Activist
[1/31/2011]  Anglican leaders condemn victimisation of gays and lesbians
[1/31/2011]  David Kato's Anglican funeral: A tale of two churches
[1/28/2011]  Episcopalians condemn murder of Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato
[1/8/2011]  Delaware Faith Files: Episcopal bishop to pray with LGBT group
[1/3/2011]  Marriage of two lesbian Episcopal priests adds new twist to gay issues

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